Minutes – Parish Meeting – 18 May 2021

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held remotely on

Tuesday 18th May 2021.




Councillors David Morgan, Brendan Treanor, Anna Coda, Johnny Scrimgeour, Robert Metcalfe, Emma Thacker-Vuts, John Burgess and Samantha Metcalfe plus nine residents.


Chairman’s Report

Covid 19 has meant changes to the way we conduct business but one positive is the fact that using Zoom has led to more people attending Parish Council meetings. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking my fellow Councillors for their hard work and support during the year. Sadly, Richard Gaze and Maria Duggan resigned as Parish Councillors and I would like to thank them for their service and contribution to the Parish Council. I am pleased to report that we have two new Councillors (Emma Thacker-Vuts and Samantha Metcalfe) on the Parish Council. We have a remaining vacancy so if anyone is interested in joining the Parish Council, they should contact the Clerk.

I am pleased to report that Messrs Alan Gibbs and Greg Warwick have agreed to become Footpath Officers and we look forward to working with them in the future.

During the pandemic we have worked closely with the Hub which has provided an excellent service to the residents of Peterchurch.

The Lengthsman (Mark Price) has already made a real difference in the village and we appreciate his efforts in responding to issues raised by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has established an Action Planning Working Group which is in place to capture all issues in the parish which need attention.

During the previous 12 months the Parish Council has considered 11 planning applications of which 8 were supported by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council finances are in good shape with reserves at 31/03/2021 being £44k.

Unfortunately during the early part of the pandemic the residents of Peterchurch had only a limited bus service which fortunately has returned to normal.

Speeding traffic remains an issue of real concern and this is being addressed by a collaboration between the Parish Council and representatives from the community.

The Parish Council is also concerned by the poor condition of the pavements and these concerns have  been reported to Balfour Beatty.

The Parish Council recognises that there is only a limited amount of car parking capacity in the village..

Looking ahead, the Parish Council is aiming to build on the work of the Road Safety Working Group by undertaking a speed survey which will inform the strategy for future traffic calming work.

The Parish Council will also aim to improve the facilities on the recreation ground.

Councillors are working on establishing some key Parish Council objectives for 2021/22 and these will be published in due course.


End of Year Accounts



2020/21 Budget 2020/21


Income 2021/22


£18.00 £8.35 Bank Interest £30.00
£21.660.00 £21,660.00 Precept £21,660.00
£300.00 £308.50 Donations £300.00
£16.00 £14.32 Way Leave £16.00
£1,600.00 £610.41 VAT Recovered £977.98
£23,594.00 £22,601.38 Total £22,983.98


2020/21 Budget 2020/21 Actual Expenditure 2021/22 Budget
£400.00 £400.00 Audit £400.00
£400.00 £138.70 Clerk’s expenses £120.00
£5,600.00 £5,275.13 Clerk’s salary £5,754.00
£400.00 £336.06 Stationery £120.00
£500.00 £470.13 Insurance £500.00
£1,120.00 £1,435.20 PAYE £1,439.00
£600.00 £622.21 HALC £650.00
£50.00 £745.36 Postage £100.00
£2,500.00 £2,239.92 Recreation Grds Maintenance £2,239.92
£65.00 £58.60 Playground Inspection £65.00
£500.00 £0.00 Playground maintenance £0.00
£200.00 £0.00 Bedding Plants £0.00
£1,000.00 £1,405.25 Parish Maintenance £2,520.00
£270.00 £20.00 Village Hall £60.00
£0.00 £93.07 Elections £0.00
£300.00 £195.00 Training £300.00
£100.00 £250.00 Website £100.00
£300.00 £0.00 Telephone Sponsorship £300.00
£1,200.00 £444.52 Parish Newsletter £1,000.00
£200.00 £243.77 Subscriptions £150.00
£250.00 £200.00 Dore Community Transport £250.00
£2,039.00 £308.00 Contingency Fund £0.00
£1,600.00 £873.62 VAT £977.98
£4,000.00 £0.00 Projects £5,938.08
£23,594.00 £15,754.54 Total £22,983.98



Balance at 31/03/2020 £37,847.07
Income £22,601.58
Expenditure £15,754.54
Balance at 31/03/2021 £44,694.11


Open Session


No issues were raised by members of the public.



Mark Hearne

Clerk to Peterchurch Parish Council

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