Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 15th May 2018

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting
Under the Chairmanship of Mr Paul J Clarke
(Chairman of Peterchurch Parish Council)
held in The Peterchurch Village Hall

Tuesday 15th May 2018 which commenced at 7.00pm

Meeting declared open
By Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman of Peterchurch Parish Council

In attendance
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman of Peterchurch Parish Council
Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr R Metcalfe
Councillor Mr David Morgan
Councillor Mr B C Treanor

Parish Council Clerk Mr Malcolm Walker

Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price and three further members of the public

Apologies were Received and Accepted from
Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Mrs R Quelch
Parish Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths and Representative from the Local Policing Team not present

1.0 Minutes
The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Tuesday 23rd May 2017 were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman Mr P J Clarke.

2.0 Chairman’s Report
Peterchurch Parish Council Chairman’s Report 2018
The Neighbourhood plan became a legal document by a ‘made decision document’ on 2nd December 2017 having completed, Examination by Mr Robert Bryan who required a hearing (July)to consider the 89 house development, the location and scope of the recreation ground, adjustment to some wording and two settlement boundary issues raised.
During discussion some strong criticism of the parish council and its consultation process was made by Mr Paul Smith, which was robustly refuted by the Parish Council supported by Hereford Council Officers.
Minor adjustments were made after the examiners report and the plan went to referendum on Thursday 19th October with 81% supporting the plan allowing Hereford County to give a ‘made decision document’ on 2nd December 2017 which ‘makes’ our plan which was produced over many years a legal Document.
Thank you to ALL who volunteered and contributed to the development of the plan.
A Joint Services Meeting was held with senior officers from Hereford Council and Balfour Beatty on 29th June 2017 to find a way forward for:-
• Traffic Regulation order B4348 – Action agreed with in 6 months however action started April 2018 10 months – ongoing
• 30 mph warning signs 100 m – 200 m – 300 m were agreed both ends of the village these have now in April 2018 been said not to be legal and the offer withdrawn, the alternative offer is crocodile teeth road markings which will not help our parishioners just outside the speed limit area.
• Vehicle Activated Signs 30mph slow down – Type and location were approved and the units installed at both ends of the village by your Parish Council. We are seeing some speed reduction which is encouraging.
• Street Lighting Hereford Council to developed a proposal to take control of our street lights, this has been done and Parish Council have agreed a submission and put it to Hereford Council for acceptance.
• An update on the review of Peterchurch Primary School and Fairfield High School was requested at the time it was expressed firmly that a traffic survey had been carried out by experts, the process being scoped by the Education Department and Balfour Beatty professionals. No input was required from the Parish Council or the community as it was perceived by the Educational Authority that we did not have the required expertise. This was revised later and we were promised an update November 2017, which has not occurred.
The Parish Council monthly follows up with our District Councillor to try to ensure that the people of Peterchurch has an input to ensure that the school access issues are addressed and the best road safety and environmental impacts are achieved, ten months with no informed involvement is a concern.
Thanks are due to Kate Humberstone who has worked to try to maintain a school crossing patrol which Hereford cannot support but her pressure ensured that a barrier was installed in front of the Primary School exit.
We have a new Localities Steward Mr Paul Norris who has been proactive in supporting our concerns and working to resolve those issues he can such as the School warning signs in three locations and the flashing lights.
We have installed an access gate to our storage unit, a new climbing rope section to the play equipment was purchased and installed by councillors Mr Richard Gaze and Mr Robert Metcalfe who is working to complete the repairs to the kissing gate following the work carried out by Balfour Beatty. An ‘H Bar’ was installed in Church Road following a meeting with Hereford Highways and Balfour Beatty who suggested the option to minimise the parking issues which have improved.
Council recognised that with the 100th anniversary of the cessation of hostilities of the First World War in 2018 it would be appropriate to arrange for the refurbishment of the war memorial. The first step in the summer of 2017 was to establish that this monument was owned by the Parish and appropriate for a community project, Councillor Ms Sarah Murrin with help from several parishioners investigated and prepared information that enabled our Clerk to apply for a grant, Thank you. The grant has completed pre-application for 75% of the cost and has now been submitted for stage two. A reply is awaited.
Having attended a Tackling Loneliness Conference at the invitation of the High Sheriff of Herefordshire The Reverend Lady Lisvane in October one thing was clear that Peterchurch has an excellent base of activities which are being operated by a strong volunteer base, which requires no input from the parish council at this time:-
1. Coffee morning / Lunch club at the Village Hall + other activities
2. St Peters Centre operates:-
• The Hub Café
• Good Neighbour Scheme
3. Hereford Library service operates a Volunteer run Library in St Peters Church Bell Tower
The Volunteers and organising committee supporting these activities should be applauded.
We considered 18 Planning applications this year:-
Twelve applications were Granted
One appeal Granted
Two applications Refused
Three applications Still Valid
These included
Land adjoining Hawthorn Rise up to 89 houses – Outline Permission Granted subject to 106 agreement conditions
Land adjoining Hawthorn Rise 10 dwellings – Refused
Land south of Closure Place 10 dwellings – Outline approved with conditions
A Community Governance Review to increase the Parish Council by one to NINE councillors completed its first round with 30 yes 6 no and is on-going.
Herefordshire CCG GP Practice services to understand and comment on the future of CCG.GP Practice Services an information leaflet was distributed to all households in Peterchurch.
Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to being accountable to our patients and public and placing them at the heart of everything we do. We ensure they can have their say about Herefordshire’s health services. We also make sure that their opinions are listened to by the CCG and that we act on concerns.
We are engaging with Dorstone Parish Council leading to develop a maintenance plan for the B4348 from Locks Garage to Cusop, Councillor Ms Sarah Murrin Vice Chairman to attend working groups on our behalf.
Your Parish Council has the following Working Groups to Review and report to council:-
Financial – P. J. Clarke – M. J. Church – R. A. Quelch – B. C Treanor
Lengthsman – P. J. Clarke – S. Murrin – R. Metcalfe – D. Morgan
Planning – P. J. Clarke – R. Gaze – R Metcalfe – D. Morgan
Traffic Management – P. J. Clarke – S. Murrin – R. Gaze – R. Metcalfe – D. Morgan
Play Ground Inspections – S. Murrin – R. Gaze – R. Metcalfe – R. A. Quelch
Neighbourhood Plan – P. J. Clarke – S. Murrin – M. J. Church – B. C. Treanor
General Data Protection Reg. – R. Gaze – D. Morgan – B. C. Treanor
The precept for 2018 – 2019 fiscal year has been increased by £3,000 to £21,660 to support the services we supply with the on-going reduction in support from Hereford County.
We agreed again not to claim allowances that councillors are entitled to when they are on council business.
We are continuing the lengthsman scheme with Mr Terry Griffiths 2018 -2019 and have made the necessary submission to Balfour Beatty and we would thank Mr Griffiths for his efforts. I would also thank Councillor Metcalfe for the many and varied voluntary tasks he has carried out in the past year, many times without being asked.
I would like to thank my fellow councillors for their support and work to achieve our goals, District Councillor Philip Price for his attendance and contribution to our meetings, our relocated Police team for their reports and attendance when they are able. I am delighted to see members of the public at our meetings and thank them for their contributions and our clerk Malcolm Walker and Sheila Walker for their efforts

3.0 Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price Report and County Update
Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price gave an overview of the following:-
General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR
The GDPR is coming soon. As a result anyone who holds contact details of others must have their permission to hold that information. I hold email addresses of many people who have emailed me or I have collated their contact details in some way. To all of you who receive my email ward reports and do not want me to hold that information, please let me know and I can remove you from my mailing list.
Road Maintenance
You will all be aware that this winters weather has been detrimental to our roads in the county. I thought it would be timely to update you on how we monitor and maintain the network to try and keep the system in a workable state.
Of the 2000 miles of road in Herefordshire 11% are “A” roads, 10% are “B” roads and 79% are “C” and “U” roads. The technical assessment of our roads for 2013 and 2017 are below based on the RAG rating system of Red being in need of investment Amber needs attention and Green is still fit for purpose.

Road Class 2013 2017
A Road Red 9% 6%
A Road Amber 36% 38%
B Road Red 8% 7%
B Road Amber 34% 33%
C Road Red 11% 8%
C Road Amber 36% 36%
U Road Red 32% 26%

Between these dates a significant additional £20 million was invested in the C and U roads which shows in the figures above.
The network asset deteriorates over an approx. thirty year period, from new laid road to failing road.
Whatever use a road has, Tarmac deteriorates by oxidisation and will break up in time.
The issues we face is how do we invest sufficient resources into maintenance to keep the whole network in a satisfactory condition. In this context, satisfactory means improving the above table or at least holding a flat line for deterioration across the network.
Our current investment is at the lower end of English authorities for “Kilometres of road”, but towards the high end for “per head of population”. We might expect this for a large rural area but does indicate the problems of a low population in a large area with many miles of roads to maintain.
It is calculated that to hold a flat line position the Council needs to invest an additional £5-10 million per year to sustain and improve. (In this context, without further outside funding from Government, this would mean up to 10% additional Council Tax just to hold the decline in the County roads)
This is not realistic, so we continue to bid for additional funds for road maintenance and expect efficiencies from our contractors to deliver more with less. Everyone will have their own views on this! However BBLP must evidence improvements in operations, and work is monitored and audited to ensure value for money. I can already hear the comments, but can you please give specific evidence to support your views when taking umbrage with our contractor. Evidence of poor workmanship is always followed up by the council contract team, and the senior managers at BBLP when evidence of poor performance is reported.
To report local issues to lengths man, email parish Clerks at
Wyeside Clerk – Alison Wright – Samoyedskye@aol.com
Clifford Clerk – Christine Bates – christine_bates@cargill.com
Dorstone Clerk – Christopher Hendy – clerkdorstonepc@aol.co.uk
Peterchurch Clerk – Malcolm Walker – Peterchurchclerkmw@btinternet.com
Cusop Clerk – Ian Jardin – ian.jardin@zen.co.uk
To report issues to the Locality Steward, Mr Paul Norris – email – Paul.Norris@balfourbeatty.com
To report potholes or other road issues go to Council website at
Extra topics discussed:-
B4348 Joint Parishes road defects for collation by the end of the year
Southern Link Road to commence March 2019 Stage 2 Consultation 60/40 yes
Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) and Side Roads Cleaning Orders – issues removed
Utilities objections – addressed
Western Bypass 19th June 2018 Meeting – 7 routes reduced to 1 – possible 800 properties potentially effected, only 5 demolished
Grant for Cycling – Bicycle Hire and App System
City Centre is the Campus for the University which is ramping up
Peterchurch Schools report available soon as yet no agreement
Thank you to Mr Paul Norris Locality Steward for his hard work and input

4.0 Representative from West Mercia Police(not present but report sent by email)
Annual Police Report for the Parish of Peterchurch May 2017 – April 2018
The Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team based at Peterchurch has now settled in our new base at the Fire Station in the village. We do have a spare office where we can speak to members of the public, but as we are not there all the time it is best to email or ring for an appointment rather than just call in. We do not currently have a landline fitted but one is imminent. In the meantime we have work mobile phones and the numbers are published below, on the website and on the monthly newsletter.
PCSO Pete Knight, who was with us for a year, has relocated to Bromyard but thoroughly enjoyed his time in The Valley. We will be getting a replacement in the next few months, she is currently in training at HQ and will then spend some time in town being mentored before being let loose out in the sticks!
PCSO Fiona Witcher is now working part time, with a view to retiring next year.
We have now all been issued with new hand held devices from which we can access most of our databases as well as make and receive calls, send e-mails and carry out person and vehicle checks. This means we are able to spend more time away from our desks and in the community.
Another bit of kit that has been rolled out across the force is Body Worn Video which has been issued to every operational officer, and able to be used at the officer’s discretion.
The past twelve months have seen 3 property related crimes reported in the parishes
12.05.17 A quad bike was stolen from a farm in Urishay
21.06.17 A garden shed in Hinton was broken into and several garden power tools, a lawnmower and a child’s scramble bike were stolen
29.03.18 Heating oil was stolen from a property in Urishay
More details of these incidents were reported in the Golden Valley SNT Briefings
Roger Bradley PC 164 07975 938755 Fiona Witcher PCSO 6173 07773 054582
Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team Peterchurch Police & Fire Station HR20RU

5.0 Open Discussion of Parish Matters and a resume of recent business
Email received reference play equipment graffiti
Rubbish on recreation field
Parish Clerk to obtain a quotation for professional cleaning
Police to be informed
Hinton – The Nags Head potholes long
Letter to be sent to Balfour Beatty reference 100M 200M 300M Signs either end of the village
Letter to be sent to Balfour Beatty reference “Dragons Teeth” either end of the village

Being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.59pm