Minutes of the Annual Meeting 15th May 2018

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Peterchurch Parish Council
held in the Peterchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 15th May 2018

No PPC/MW/120

Councillors Present
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman
Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr R Metcalfe
Councillor Mr D Morgan
Councillor Mr B C Treanor

Clerk Mr M Walker

Also Present
Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price and three further members of the public

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council was formally opened by
the Chairman at 8.00pm

1.0 Election of Chairman & Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr Paul J Clarke having been nominated unopposed was unanimously elected to
the post of Chairman and duly signed the appropriate Acceptance of Office form.
Proposed by Councillor Ms S Murrin and
Seconded by Councillor Mr R Gaze

Councillor Ms S Murrin having been nominated unopposed was unanimously elected to the
post of Vice – Chairman and also signed an Acceptance of Office form
Proposed by Councillor Mr R Gaze and
Seconded by Councillor Mr D Morgan

2.0 Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Parish Council Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths and Representative from the Local Police Team not present

3.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
3.1 No Declaration of interests were made or written applications for dispensation

3.2 Councillors reviewed their Declaration of Registrable Interest Forms with no amendments

4.0 Minutes
The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting No PPC/MW/119 held on
Tuesday 17th April 2018 were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5.0 Financial Report
5.1 Clerk to present end of year Accounts for Ratification
The Parish Council approved the end of year accounts for 2017-2018 and the printed
form signed by Councillor Mr Paul J Clarke Chairman and Clerk Mr M Walker See appendix 1

5.2 Parish Council to approve Annual Governance Statement
The Parish Council agreed Section 1 of the External Audit Form, Annual Governance
Statement 2017/2018 and all responses were Unanimously Approved signed by Councillor
Mr Paul J Clarke Chairman and Clerk Mr M Walker

5.3 Chairman & Clerk to sign Annual Governance & Accountability Form
The Parish Council Resolved Unanimously to ratify the Statement Section 2 signed by
Councillor Mr Paul J Clarke Chairman and the Clerk See appendix 2

5.4 Confirmation of Receipts
Herefordshire Council Precept 1st Part BACS Payment reference 2519108 £10,830.00
HMR&C VAT Claim 01/04/2017-13/03/2018 £3,077.23 not yet received

Invoices for Payments
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1484596 Electricity 01/03/2018-31/03/2018 £10.42
Cheque 001008
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1484613 Electricity 01/03/2018-31/03/2018 £42.20
Cheque 001009
Peterchurch Village Hall Invoice No 90 £30.00
13th April 2017 7.00pm-8.00pm, 17th April 7.00pm-9.00pm
Cheque 001010
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC0386 Roads Account £434.40
Cheque 001011
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC0387 Play Area Account £81.60
Cheque 001012
Peterchurch Parish Council Roads-village upkeep April 2018 (1) Invoice No TGC0386
Description of work carried out:-
Village Upkeep
Peterchurch Village
Mow and strim verges with 30mph limit
Hinton Green
Mow and strim open space area with bollards
Collect litter and rubbish from areas worked
Peterchurch Parish Council General-play area April 2018 (2) Invoice No TGC0387
Description of work carried out:-
Peterchurch Play Area
Mow and strim play area
Collect litter and rubbish
Clerk’s Salary May 2018 Gross £618.34
Vehicle expenses £34.65
Postage £12.53
TAX £133.20 NIC £0.00
Nett Pay £532.32
Cheque 001013
*Mrs Julie Cole Internal Audit 2017-2018 £35.00
Cheque 001014

Confirmation of Bank Balances
Bank Balances as per Statements
@ 3rd May 2018 Lloyds Business Bank Instant Access Account £29,275.21
Bank Statement No 26
Bank Reconciliation to agree with Bank Statement
dated 03/05/2018 £29,275.21

@ 4th April 2018 Lloyds Treasurers Account £3,435.15
Bank Statement No 32
Bank Reconciliation to agree with Internet Printed Bank Statement
dated 13/05/2018 £4,973.58 signed by Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman

Finances Unanimously Approved

5.5 Consider Internal Auditors Report 2017-2018 and agree any required action
There were no actions required from the Internal Auditor’s Report for 2017-2018

5.6 Confirmation of scope of Internal Audit for 2018-2019
Signed by Chairman Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman

5.7 To approve internal audit payment and the Re-appointment of Mrs J Cole as Internal Auditor
See * Item 5.4
The Parish Council confirmed the re-appointment of Mrs J Cole as their internal auditor for
2018 – 2019

5.8 To update Lloyds Bank Mandate if required
The Lloyds Mandate Form was left unchanged

5.9 Parish Council Insurance review for 2018-2019
Zurich Insurance 01/06/2018-31/05/2019 Invoice No 31267684
Cheque No 001015 £565.44

6.0 Election of Delegate Roles for Councillors
(Each working group will require a minimum of three to be quorate)
6.1 Financial Working Group
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mrs R A Quelch Councillor Mr B C Treanor

6.2 Lengthsman Working Group
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr R Metcalfe Councillor Mr D Morgan

6.3 Planning Working Group
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr R Metcalfe Councillor Mr D Morgan

6.4 Playground Working Group / Inspectors
Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr R Metcalfe Councillor Mrs R A Quelch

6.5 Traffic Management / Village Speed Limits Working Group
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr R Gaze Councillor Mr R Metcalfe
Councillor Mr D Morgan

6.6 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
Councillor Mr R Gaze Councillor Mr D Morgan
Councillor Mr B C Treanor

7.0 Parish Lengthsman Contract for Approval
7.1 Parish Council’s Contract with the Lengthsman Contractor
Unanimously agreed
Parish Council’s Contract with Herefordshire Council / BBLP
The Parish Lengthsman and Parish Paths Partnership (P3) Schemes Contract between
Herefordshire Council and the Parish Council was unanimously agreed and signed by Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman and Clerk Mr M Walker, with the deletions of

Core Public Realm Maintenance – Lengthsman activities

3.  Highway minor works As agreed through the annual maintenance plan Removal of soils and detritus build up; clear minor storm debris discharged onto the highway as is reasonable and practical; cutting back vegetation overhanging the road or footway; clearing and siding out of footways; removing vegetation from structures and fences; verge cutting and strimming of visibility splays; paint and repair fences.
4.  Environmental As agreed through the annual maintenance plan Sweeping footways and public realm spaces; litter clearance and litter picking and bin emptying; removal of fly posting, graffiti and unauthorised signs; street name plates cleaning and repair; repair of street furniture including litter bins, benches and bus stops


Public Rights of Way – Parish Paths Partnership (P3) grant funded

6. Public Rights of Way Parish Paths Officer (PPO) The parish must have least one Parish Paths Officer (PPO) in post, who will inspect ALL paths in the parish at least twice a year.


As agreed through the annual maintenance plan Ensuring cutting back of vegetation (excluding crops) is carried out on ALL paths where necessary at least twice in summer months.

Maintenance and installation of gates, stile crossing steps and other PROW furniture.

Signposting and Waymarking.

Purchase/hire/maintenance of tools

Ready for submission to Balfour Beatty/Herefordshire Council

7.2 Issues raised reference Lengthsman Work
Lengthsman work not up to the standard of last year
Meeting to be arranged between Lengthsman and Clerk

8.0 Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Asset Register and Risk Assessment
To undertake a review of the Parish Council’s:-
8.1 Standing Orders
2018 Proposed Standing Orders Update given to all Parish Councillors
Clerk to make amendments with revised copy to be provided at June 19th meeting and subject to approval to be ratified at the July 17th meeting.

8.2 Financial Regulations
Clerk to make amendments and email to Finance Working Group Members for comments

8.3 Asset Register 2018
The Parish Council reviewed their Asset Register and updated as required

8.4 Risk Assessment Schedule
The Parish Council reviewed their Risk Schedule and updated as required

9.0 General Data Protection Regulations 2018
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Working Group report for the Parish
9.1 New Data Protection Policy
All Parish Councillors had received a copy of the Proposed Revised Data Protection Policy
(17th April 2018 meeting)
Clerk to email all General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Working Group for comments on the following *9.2, *9.3and *9.4
Working Group would then report back to the next full Parish Council Meeting
*9.2 Privacy Policy
*9.3 Privacy Notice
*9.4 Data Subject Access Policy

9.5 To consider options with regards to the appointment of a Data Protection Officer
(Updated information Data Protection Officer may not now be required for Parish Council)
Updated information received Parish Councils DO NOT require to appoint a Data Protection Officer

10.0 Peterchurch War Memorial
Clerk to provide update with regards to renovation Grant Application
Correspondence received dated 10th May 2018 from War Memorials Trust Peterchurch Parish Council will be awarded £880.00 or 50% of the total costs of the works undertaken on the War Memorial. The Parish Council unanimously agreed to proceed.
Works to commence July/August 2018 by Mr Philip Blyth, War Memorial Restoration Company

11.0 Parish Council Records Safe Storage
To discuss the safe storage, in a cabinet, of Parish Council Records
Clerk instructed to write to Peterchurch Village Hall Committee reference storage at the Village
Hall of a four drawer cabinet containing Parish Council documents
Clerk to investigate a fireproof container for USB Stick

12.0 Street Lamp Adoption
To receive update
Herefordshire Council have accepted the Parish Council’s offer, further details still awaited

18th April 2018 Malcolm, I now have confirmation of the support needed at my end, so if you can confirm that the PC are happy, I’ll get the items below moving. Thanks Clive

17th April 2018 Malcolm, Firstly, my apologies for the delay in my substantive reply
In regard to the street lighting I advise that I have recommended the acceptance of your offer, so subject to final formal acceptance we can proceed on the basis you set out in your letter of 23 January (attached).
In regard to the Traffic Regulation Order, the process is well underway.
With regard to the ‘countdown’ signs, we have fallen foul of the regulations in this regard. I had hoped to find a way through the regulations re this one, but cannot. However, dragon teeth (and possibly rumble strips) can be installed. As such I’d propose that we progress the installation of the dragon teeth (such as the picture below). If OK with your council I will ask BBLP to progress installation as soon as practically able. Regards Clive

18th April 2018 from Parish Clerk to Clive Hall
Excellent news re Street Lights please continue
Re Dragon Teeth I will need to get the OK from the Parish Council but have received an email from BBLP Ray Wallace this morning quoting the Parish Council £1,500 – £3,000 for each end of the speed limit. Can you please clarify?
Good morning, Sorry for the delay in getting these ball park costs to you.
In general if you are looking to provide dragons teeth at one entry you would be looking at something in the region of £1,500, but if you were looking at the installation of rumble strips at one entry then you could be looking at upwards of £3,000. The costs are very ball park figures and would vary on the standard of the existing road surface and extent of traffic management required in order to carry the works out safely.
It is also worth considering the downside of rumble strips in that they do produce noise and ground borne vibration. If there are properties nearby then they could be significantly affected by either or both.
Hope that helps and once again sorry for the delay. Regards, Ray Ray Wallace
13.0 B4348 30mph Count-Down Markers
To receive update
See Item 12.0

14.0 Community Governance Review
To receive update
15th May 2018 email received from John Coleman
Dear Malcolm, Please find attached and below some suggested text for the web-site in connection with phase two of the CGR. The second web-link takes you through to the phase 2 consultation, but I have also included a pdf copy which you can add to the web-site for people to print off if they so wish. We will undertake some additional targeted communications via our social media platforms, but if there are other ways in which you feel we can communicate this to residents, please do let me know.
Text for the parish web-site – as follows:
Second phase of consultation for the Peterchurch Community Governance review is now underway (11 May – 22 June).
A community governance review considers arrangements for parish councils such as creating, merging, altering or abolishing parish councils, changing a parish council’s boundary or the naming of parish councils and their electoral arrangements.
From 13 February to the 6 April, Herefordshire Council conducted a parish wide consultation with the community of Peterchurch in connection with their community governance review.
During that consultation, Peterchurch Parish Council noted that they wish to increase the number of seats on the council by one to reflect an increase in population. Following the first round of consultation the balance of evidence indicates that there are sufficient grounds to progress to formally proposing to increase the number of seats on the council by one to reflect an increase in population.
You can access and respond to the second phase consultation by going to: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/consultations/article/10089/peterchurch_community_governance_re view_phase_two_consultation
A printable copy of the consultation is also attached. The second phase consultation
closes on 22 June. John Coleman Democratic Services Manager and Statutory Scrutiny Officer

The Parish Council resolved to put Information on Website
Boxes and Forms at Post Office & Stores, Peterchurch Village Hall and Doctors Surgery

15.0 Information Sheet Update (FOR INFORMATION ONLY) on previous action point
Sheet to include update on previous action points and a list of correspondence received
Planning Information
7th December 2017 Application No 174392
Track leading to West Lawn Cottage, Dorstone Hereford
Improvements to existing road leading to West Lawn Cottage
Application Type Planning Permission
Planning Application Granted 27th April 2018
28th February 2018 Application No 180492
Teazle Barn Newhouse Farm Wern Hir Long Lane Peterchurch Hereford
To install an all-weather riding arena 60m x 20m next to existing stable block
in a field already classes as equestrian use
Application Type Planning Permission
Planning Application Granted 24th April 2018
16th March 2018 Application No 180690
Little Brook Peterchurch Hereford HR2 0SF
Demolition of existing side extension Proposed single storey side extension
Application Type Full Householder
Planning Application Granted 17th April 2018

26th March 2018 Application No 180875
Sycamore Cottage Long Lane Peterchurch Hereford HR2 0TE
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 attached to
planning permission 173208
Application Type Approval of details reserved by condition
Condition 3 Discharged 9th March 2018
17th April 2018 Application No 180887
Upper Mowbage Mowbage Lane Peterchurch Hereford HR2 0RZ
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3C attached to
planning permission 153238
Application Type Approval of details reserved by condition
Condition 3C Discharged 9th March 2018
13th April 2018 Application No181072
Park Farm Road Dorstone Hereford HR3 6BL
Proposed erection of new 3 bedroom house to replace existing dwelling
Application Type Planning Permission
Still Valid
May 2018 Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Newsletter
Your team based at Peterchurch
PC 164 Roger Bradley 07976 938 755 roger.bradley@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
PCSO 6173 Fiona Witcher 07773 054582 fiona.witcher@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
Crime Trends 1st – 30th April 2018
The front and rear registration plates were stolen from a Mitsubishi L200 in Croft Road, Clehonger overnight on Sunday 6th April / Monday 7th April.
Another L200 bearing the same plates was spotted by an off duty officer in a rural location in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, and a VIN check revealed that the vehicle had been stolen from a farm in Glazebury on 6th April Incident ref 199-s-070418
An isolated property in Rowlestone was broken into between 7.30 am and 6.30pm on Thursday 10th
April, and two boxes containing jewellery were stolen. A window at the rear of the property had been smashed to gain access Incident ref 576-s-100418
A quad bike was stolen from a farm in Clodock on Wednesday 9th April, and was spotted by its owner in a layby behind a black Audi on the A465 on Gwent’s patch. The two offenders were challenged by the farmer and a fight ensued during which the farmer sustained an injury.
The offenders made off, leaving the bike behind. Gwent police have since found and seized the black Audi, and enquiries are ongoing to identify the occupants Incident ref 262 09/04/18 (Gwent police)
More damage was caused to the glass notice board and CCTV cameras at Clehonger village hall on Sunday 13th April at around 2.15pm. CCTV images show two boys and two girls at the scene; they have now been identified and will be dealt with shortly Incident ref 178-s-160418
Sometime between Thursday 17th April and Monday 21st April, a red Kawasaki quad bike and two chainsaws were stolen from farm buildings on the road between Ewyas Harold and Abbeydore. The quad had been chained to another piece of equipment in an open barn Incident ref 468-s-220417
A red Ford ranger pick up was stolen from a farm in Cusop in the early hours of the morning on
Sunday 27th April. The farmer was aware of his outside lights coming on about 5am, and heard another vehicle in his yard, but it had disappeared by the time he looked out, and he didn’t notice his vehicle missing until a couple of hours later. The vehicle was later found in Tewkesbury in the same location as the stolen Mitsubishi mentioned in the first report, along with a mini digger that had been stolen from Bosbury Incident ref 76-s-270818
If you have any information regarding any of the above crimes you can contact police on 101, in an emergency please dial 999. Please be aware that any information provided within this letter is to inform you of incidents of note and to request possible assistance. We do not want to worry you in anyway.
Any incidents stated are infrequent and spread about a wide area, and are over a whole month.
Herefordshire is a safe place to live!

Arrests and fines A 30yr old male was arrested near Bredwardine on suspicion of drink driving, and has been charged and bailed to court.
A 26yr old male from Kingstone was arrested on suspicion of Burglary and later released under investigation.
Scam news I had this email sent to my work inbox earlier this week, allegedly from Amazon – I’m not sure how it got through our secure mail system though!
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Product Name: Amazon Prime Order Number: 5418886 Receipt Date: 04/30/2018 Payment Method: Amazon Account Membership Price: 179.00 GBP
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If you did not initiate this purchase, we recommend that you go to: (it then gives a link which I didn’t try!)

Peterchurch Play Area Weekly Inspection Report from Councillor Mr Robert Metcalfe
dated 15th May 2018
Rubber mat has been ripped out of floor again
Looks ok
Graffiti on shelter
Disgraceful rubbish graffiti needed cleaned up
Back hedge still needs cleaning up by owner of old garage

16.0 Roads, Footpaths & Playground
To receive new defect reports on any Highways or Play Area issues
Road from Church – hedge, re-ditching, dog mess – Paul Norris Locality Steward to be contacted
BT Sub-station grass cutting
Footpath Road
Garage man letter – reference tree cuttings on recreation field
{Sarah to send photographs}
Pavement sweep required
Road Sweeper had been through the village

17.0 Matters Relayed to the Clerk for Agenda of the next meeting
War Memorial
Church Road/Footpath

18.0 Confirmation of the Next Ordinary Meeting, Time, Date & Venue
The next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council is to be held on
Tuesday 19th June 2018 in the Peterchurch Village Hall and is to commence at 7.00pm

Meeting declared closed at 9.25pm