Minutes Finance Working Group 19th January 2018

Minutes of Finance Working Group Meeting held at The Peterchurch Village Hall on Friday 19th January 2018 at 7.00pm

Councillors Present No PPC/MW/116FWG
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Parish Council Chairman
Councillor Mr B C Treanor Finance Working Group Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Clerk Mr M Walker
1.0 Apologies for Absence
To receive and accept any apologies
No apologies received
No Declarations of Interest recorded
2.0 To Confirm the Minutes of the Previous Meeting PPC/MW/114F dated 17th November 2017
To sign as correct Minutes from the previous meeting
The Minutes of the Finance Working Group Meeting No PPC/MW/114F held on Friday
17th November 2017 at 7.00pm were unanimously confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
3.0 Financial update
3.1 To Acknowledge and Record Receipts
Precept for 2018/2019 submitted to Herefordshire Council for £21,660.00
3.2 Review Invoices for Payment
HMR&C 3rd Quarter Payment October November December £350.20
Cheque 000989
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1447394 Electricity 01/11/2017-30/11/2017 £10.07
*Joint Cheque 000990
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1447477 Electricity 01/11/2017-30/11/2017 £42.76
*Joint Cheque 000990
Peterchurch Village Hall Invoice No 63 £20.00
Tuesday 19th December 2017
Cheque 000991
Clerk’s Salary January 2018 Gross £618.34
Vehicle expenses £17.55
Postage £3.00
Stationery & Consumables £48.80
TAX £116.60 NIC £0.00
Nett Salary £571.09
Cheque 000992
Robert Metcalfe Invoice No 2052 Posts x 2 £180.00
Cheque 000993
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1452402 Electricity 01/12/2017-31/12/2017 £10.42
*Joint Cheque 000994
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1452486 Electricity 01/12/2017-31/12/2017 £45.89
*Joint Cheque 000994
All financial transactions unanimously approved
3.3 Confirmation of Bank Balances and Reconciliations
Bank Balances as per Statements
@ 4th December 2017 Lloyds Treasurers Account £4,124.92
Bank Statement No 28
Bank Reconciliation to agree with Internet Printed Bank Statement signed
dated 19/01/2018 £3,027.48
@ 1st December 2017 Lloyds Business Bank Instant Access Account £21,940.92
Bank Statement No 21
Bank Reconciliation to agree with Internet Printed Bank Statement signed
dated 19/01/2018 £21,942.75
4.0 Street Light Adoption by Herefordshire Council
Letter to be compiled for submission to Herefordshire Council
See Parish Council Minutes Item 8.2

6.0 To Agree Schedule and Venue for the Finance Working Group Meetings
Schedule – Next Finance Working Group Meeting to be held on the 16th February 2018
Venue – The Peterchurch Village Hall at 7.00pm
Meeting declared closed at 8.00pm