Minutes – 22 June 2021

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/157 held remotely on

Tuesday 22 June 2021 at 19.00 hrs.




Councillors David Morgan, John Burgess, Johnny Scrimgeour, Robert Metcalfe and Samantha Metcalfe.


In attendance….   Allan Gibbs (Footpath Officer), Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk) and four residents


  1. Apologies for absence – Councillors Brendan Treanor, Anna Coda and Emma Thacker-Vuts.


  1. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests – None


  1. Minutes of previous meetings held on 18th May 2021. It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record, and these will be signed by the Chairman in due course.


  1. To Review Resolutions reached at the meeting of the 18th May 2021. All resolutions reached at the meeting held on the 18th May 2021 have been actioned.


  1. Open session
    • To receive a report from West Mercia Police – no representative from West Mercia was present at the meeting.
    • To receive a report from the Ward Councillor – Ward Councillor Hewitt was unable to attend the meeting
    • To receive views from local residents on parish matters – The following issues were raised:
      • Reported concerns over the proposed building work at the old petrol situation suggesting that the developer may be out of time as specified in the decision letter issued by the LPA. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk make some enquires to establish the facts of the case.
      • Pleased to note that the speed survey has begun in the village.
      • Offered thanks to the Parish Council for removing the pole in Princes Orchard.


  1. Footpaths – The report produced by both Footpaths Officers had already been circulated to Councillors. No substantive issues were raised during the meeting apart from an overgrown footpath at Bazley Lane which will be surveyed by Mr Allan Gibbs.


  1. PlanningTo comment on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council.
    • Planning Consultation 211822 – Stockley Oaks, Peterchurch, Hereford. Proposed replacement garage with 3 bay workshop and garage. Councillors were generally supportive of the proposals but noted that the height of the garage may be an issue and recommended that some trees are planted to screen the gable end of the construction. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk notifies the LPA accordingly.
  2. Finance
    • The current bank balances are:
      • Business Bank Instant account … £59,482.24
      • Treasurers Account … £3,699.31
    • It was RESOLVED to make the following payments:
      • Clerk’s salary (May 2021) in accordance with his employment contract.
      • PAYE (May 2021) – £154.40
      • Countrywide Maintenance- £223.99
      • Postage – £7.92
      • HALC (Internal Audit) – £240.00
      • Lengthsman (Mark Price) – £364.00
    • Financial Monitoring 2021/22. The Clerk referred to a spreadsheet which provided details of the spend to date plus an extrapolation of costs to year end. Based on this analysis the Parish Council would have reserves in the order of £52k but that would include ring fenced monies (£9k) for a sports facility. Councillor Scrimgeour commented that activities that will emerge from the proposed objectives for 2021/22 will require financial resources which will reduce the level of the reserves.
    • Internal Audit Report 2020/21 – A copy of the Internal Audit report (2020/21) was circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. It was RESOLVED that the Finance Working Group meets to consider the key observations in the report.
    • Certificate of Exemption 2020/21 – Councillors approved the Certificate of Exemption 2020/21.
    • Section 1 of the Annual Governance Statement 2020/21 was approved by Councillors.
    • Section 2 of the Accounting Statement 2020/21 was approved by Councillors.
    • Peterchurch Sports Fund. The Clerk confirmed that £9,186.98 has been transferred from the dormant Sports Fund bank account to the Parish Council. These funds will be ring fenced and used only for the acquisition of a sports ground in the village.
  3. Highways
    • Councillor Samantha Metcalfe provided a brief summary of recent discussions with Ian Connolly (Traffic Management Team – West Mercia Police) who advised that it is important that the Locality Steward is made aware of emerging plans for the highway at the earliest opportunity. Mr Connolly was supportive of any scheme involving white gates and planters but was more ambivalent about the speed survey. Councillor Scrimgeour reported that the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office may offer a source of funding for traffic calming measures. The issue of speed cameras was also discussed with Ian Connolly especially on the stretch of road close to the Nags Head.
    • It was RESOLVED that the Clerk seeks an estimate from Balfour Beatty for “Unsuitable for HGV signs” for possible deployment at either end of the U75410. It was further RESOLVED that the Clerk establishes when Parish Council’s assumed responsibility for this type of road sign.
    • Councillor Samantha Metcalfe mentioned the drain situated on the road leading to Fairfield School from the B4348 which has not been repaired. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk re-reports the issue to Balfour Beatty.


  1. Future Parish Council Objectives – Councillor Scrimgeour thanked Councillors Samantha Metcalfe and Burgess for their hard work in drafting the Parish Council objectives. Good progress has been achieved in capturing objectives against the following subject areas:
  • Facilities
  • Welfare
  • Drainage

It is proposed to focus on a small number of key objectives supported by detailed action points.

Further work is required in order to finalise the objectives on both Traffic and Environment, but it is anticipated that a complete draft will be available in time for the next Parish Council meeting.


  1. Playing Field
    • It was reported that weeds are becoming a problem around the boundary of the playing field. (Post meeting note – A resident has offered to remove the weeds without the use of pesticide)
    • Councillor Burgess reported that whilst many events will proceed during the weekend of the 17th and 18th July 2021 it will no longer be practicable to provide any music. It was, however, RESOLVED that the Parish Council will cover the cost of printing up to maximum of £50.
    • Following a request from Councillor Robert Metcalfe it was RESOLVED that the Lengthsman is asked by the Clerk to undertake some routine maintenance on the playing field.
    • Councillor Scrimgeour considered there may be scope to accommodate a full-size football pitch in the playing field and this could be a good use of the Sports Fund monies.
    • Councillor Samantha Metcalfe reported that work has been undertaken to remove the most offensive graffiti from the recreation ground.
    • Councillor Scrimgeour reported that the preferred contractor for repainting the furniture in the playing field is too busy. It was therefore, RESOLVED, that the Lengthsman is invited to quote for the work.


  1. Dog Bin Signs – There was some uncertainty over the current arrangements for collecting waste from dog bins and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk seeks clarification from Herefordshire Council.


  1. Clerk’s Correspondence
    • A resident contacted Councillor Treanor raising concerns over the parking of a fish and chip van in Closure Place suggested that it is a safety hazard to other motorists. It was RESOLVED that the Chairman and Clerk raise the issue informally with the owners of the vehicle.
    • A resident raised the following issue:
      • An assurance that face to face Parish Council meetings will resume when it is safe to do so. Councillors agreed that as soon as the remaining Covid restrictions are lifted Parish Council will be held in the village hall.
      • In response to a question about Parish Council minutes the Clerk confirmed that these will be published on the noticeboard and Councillor Samantha Metcalfe agreed to post them in the future.
      • Councillors agreed that the Parish Council objectives will be shared with the local community.
      • The issue of dog bin signs was discussed earlier in the meeting.
      • The resident’s proposal for acquiring additional car parking will be discussed at a future meeting.


  1. Matters raised for the next meeting on the 20th July 2021
    • The deployment of deer signs
    • The provision of a recycling facility in the parish
    • IT support to future Parish Council meetings.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.10 hrs

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