Minutes 21st November 2017

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of Peterchurch Parish Council
held at The Peterchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 21st November 2017

No PPC/MW/114
Councillors Present
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman
Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe
Councillor Mr D Morgan
Councillor Mr B C Treanor

Clerk Mr M Walker

Also Present
Golden Valley North Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price, PCSO Fiona Witcher and PC Roger Bradley
representatives from the Police and eight further members of the public

The Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council was formally opened
by the Chairman at 7.00pm
1.0 Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths not present

2.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
2.1 To receive any Declarations of Interest in agenda items from Councillors
Declarations of interest were made by Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman (DPI) Item 14.1

2.2 To consider any written applications for dispensation
There were no written requests for dispensation

3.0 Minutes
The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting No PPC/MW/113 held on
Tuesday 17th October 2017 at 7.00pm were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4.0 To Receive Reports from:-
4.1 Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price
Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price gave an overview of the following emailed report
Golden Valley north ward report – October 2017
Neighbourhood plans The Wyeside Neighbourhood plan has been withdrawn following examination. The group decided that adopting it as per the examiner’s report would be problematic if two sentences were left in.
This means that we have to go through the regulation 16 stage again and another examination. A misunderstanding arose during the examination that would make housing delivery not possible along the lines that had come from the evidence building and public consultation.
Road White lining at Vowchurch Some poor workmanship caused a stir over the quality of a section of white lining on the road from Vowchurch to Abbeydore last month. I am told that the contractor has had to remove it and replace it correctly. Whilst it caused some amusement for our police colleagues, it was seriously frowned on by the Council. I await for a report on why this happened.
Leisure Negotiations are in progress in respect of a proposed cycle track at the Hereford Race Course.
These negotiations principally involve Halo Leisure as potential operator, ARC Racing as Lease holder and Herefordshire Council as landlord

Smallholdings disposal Currently Completions equate to £23,000,860 – with the actual cash in the bank These involve 16 Completions from the 35 contracts issued and represent 50% of the total small holdings sale revenue (after fees and compensation payments)
All further contacts are expected to complete before the end of December 2017.
Winter Ready 16 HGV gritters are geared up and ready to go with salt barns full. We have a dedicated team to work 24/7 should serious weather hit us during the winter period. Road temperatures are monitored and the team are notified immediately that the low temperature levels are triggered.
Weeping window News will have reached you that Hereford and the Cathedral has been chosen as one of the locations for the 2018 poppy display, this is a signifcant honour as many other towns and cities wanted to be the West Midlands representative. It is expected to bring a big boost in tourist numbers.
Hereford University The news that the University project has now been awarded the aditional £15 million from Government is a relief to those involved as the work ramps up to bring this about.
Not a day goes by without some debate about accountable body status, buildings, accomodation and facilities, integration into the city for staff and pupils. I hope you all support this project as it is a game changer for the youth of the county and beyond and the whole economy of the County. With the Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas expanding rapidly, it is expected that students and job prospects In Herefordshire will benefit the county well into the future.
Green Infrastructure A seminar as part of the delivery of the Hereford area plan and wider rural development plans to look at the health and mental wellbeing benefits of well planned green infrastructure was held in November with many attendees across a wide spectrum of professions and partners attending. Run in conjunction with the Council and the Town and Country Planning association, the workshop and consultation will lead to a report to aid our planning process. It was noted just how significant the University project and the growth agenda is and ways must be found to ensure green infrastructure is a priority in the developing plans.
Cabinet Meeting Under our new constitution, the public can put forward questions at any public meetings and ask supplementary questions if they are present, this presented me with a challenge last week when I had to answer 30 questions raised in this way. The 15 minutes allotted became an hour and a half, before we got to the agenda for the day. All of the questions were on the subject of The City Link road , The south Wye Transport package and active travel and the Hereford Bypass.
City Link Road This road will be opened between the 10th and 13th December, the first few days will see the traffic signalling settling in along its length and co-ordinated with the Scoot system that controls all the traffic lights in central Hereford. This system knows where the traffic is on the network and adjusts to cope with traffic flows. There is an animated video on the Council website to show how the traffic movement can use the various junctions along it. The Newtown road roundabout junction on the A49 was opened on schedule on 10th November. Some work is still to do at the Barrs Court road and Aylestone hill junction. This will stop right turns from Barrs Court road into Commercial road!
Regards Cllr Philip Price Ward member Golden Valley North.

4.2 West Mercia Police
PCSO Fiona Witcher and PC Roger Bradley reported on the following:-
The Police are moving tomorrow (22nd November 2017) to the Fire Station
They will check the “Alcohol Licence” on the recreation ground and report back to the Parish Council
There have been no reported issues or incidents
Any problems must be reported
Nationwide Police numbers are being reduced but not in Herefordshire, the Police presence will stay
the same until 2019
Caravan parked on the Parish Council Car Park

4.3 Update from Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths
Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths not present for Work Reports see Item 6.0
“19th November 2017 Report Peterchurch Parish Council sent by email – Roads
The routine Village Upkeep tasks were completed for the year in September after which we switched to routine minor realm maintenance the first visit being approved for October.
No defects were raised on the job sheet however the team noted that they believed that the jetting work on the U75407 that we had requested from BBLP some time ago had not been carried out.
As this was the first routine roads maintenance visit we had carried out this year progress was quite slow over the route due to heavy contamination of the majority of the gullys.
I have instructed the team not to service grips where they find that the adjacent ditches a silted up preventing any of the surface water off the road draining into them.
On any further visits we will note the offending ditches and report the locations to the clerk.
We await further instruction on the date for the next roads maintenance day visit.
About ditches, I understand that at a recent update meeting for parish clerks arranged by BBLP the managing agent’s speaker issued statements which seem to be to contradictive to the information contained in the leaflet issued by them some time ago referring to the Riperian Ownership of roadside ditches not constructed by the highways authority.
We are awaiting a full report of the meeting which should give clarification on our and the parish councils position over these ditches.
Recreation Ground-Play Area. The final cuts were carried out in October and we await further instructions for any maintenance work required over the winter period.
General. As the Lengthsman Scheme closes at the end of this fiscal year I would be grateful if the council could give some indication as to their plans for any continuation of the scheme funded directly by the parish council and also are the council intending to have an ongoing programme for the play area and recreation ground for next year.”

Terry Griffiths TGC0205 Roads Account £458.40 Cheque 000978
Road verified and checked and Invoice approved for payment

“19th November 2017 Hello Malcom,
The item should read C1195 which is the road from Crossways going North East to the nominal county boundary.
Work carried out would be as listed on worksheet template on an as required basis.
We are on nights next week doing precinct work in Ross Town so will not be scheduling any meetings for that week but will send an update report for the meeting. Regards, Terry”
{Copy of Terry’s reply to all Parish Councillors)

4.4 To Receive Any Relevant Highway Reports
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman met with Locality Steward Mr Paul Norris for a site visit
“Meeting with Localities Steward Paul Norris 03/11/2017
Meeting to review Peterchurch issues and concerns:-
Method of road repairs – complete some pot holes and leave others of similar depth for a return visit – some repair material was dumped in lay by rather than in pot holes.
Revised operating procedures are now in place
Repair pot hole and leave severely crazed old tarmac around it so that it breaks up.
Larger crews may not be available to put in traffic controls and large holes must be dealt with
White lining which has been described by our ward councillor as laid by an apprentice who would
have to have been untrained – drunk and in a severe fog. (not in Peterchurch) but reported at Parish Council meeting (3rd Tuesday of every month except Aug)
No comment
Ditch to left side of road leaving the parish near Cheshire turn needs maintenance and the drain leaving it under the highway to avoid flooding.
Will check and jet & repair as necessary
Ditching to Stockley hill C1195 and the drains from crossways need monitoring to ensure no flooding on the cross roads and C1209
Drain blocked and marked for cleaning
Drainage from Wilmaston to the house on the Right side heading north needs annual clearing mainly due to tractor damage and debris.
In hand
Cheshire Turn gulley jetted

Meeting Suspended 7.30pm
Public left the meeting room
Councillor Mr M J Church asked to leave the Parish Council meeting
Public returned
Meeting Resumed 7.40pm
Golden Valley North Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price to contact Adult Wellbeing and Mental Health Team
Martin Samuels Director for Adults and Wellbeing 01432 260339 Martin.samuels@herefordshire.gov.uk

Discharges into Long lane U75407 are a hazard to icing and flooding and damage to ditches.
The drainage ditch from land believed to belong to Boston Lodge should be modified to ensure discharge to gully under road, Discharges from roof gutter on several houses need review Mr Norris to deal
C1209 – C1207 – U75407 are a major school route suffering heavy usage and needs treatment
None planned but will monitor
Drains to both bridges over the dore cleared annually.
Will check when last carried out
U75410 in a very poor condition from U75407 junction to Snodhill
Pot holes have been repaired and the edges are as below
Other issues are the number of areas where heavy vehicles have dropped the edges causing very deep drop off which will severely damage cars.
C & U Roads would need to be closed Mr Norris is reviewing to enable a plan to remedy the issue to be put in place
Paul Clarke”

Balfour Beatty Living Places Gabion Process Parish Council to pay
“Gabion box structure is made of metal mesh double twisting, filled with stone.
Gabions are mainly used for construction of retaining walls and railways, river and sea shore protection”

{Extract from Minutes of Joint Services Meeting – Peterchurch Highway Review with Peterchurch Parish Council, Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty Living Places held in the Peterchurch Village Hall on Thursday 29th June 2017 No PPC/MW/110JSM
2 Define Location and Operation of 30 mph SID / VAS (fully funded by the Parish Council)
Agreed, that with the scope of the 30mph limits being unchanged, the existing locations to erect two solar powered permanent SID / VAS units remains acceptable to Herefordshire Council.
Results of data collection to be shared with interested partners and usage review as required.
Commissioning of signs to be put on hold until speed data is received from the survey.
SID installation socket key to be obtained from Herefordshire Council.}

4.5 Following “Dark Skies” meeting attendance by Chairman
Verbal report from Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman who had attended the meeting
Shows had been performed are proposed at Arthur’s Stone, Plays, Concerts etc. had been organised
Funding had been requested but the Parish Council resolved to keep a watching brief for the time
being, with no money currently available.

5.0 Public Question Time
Designated maximum period of 10 minutes for public questions to the Parish Council
Question Television un-watchable on a Sunday afternoon due to Signal Strength failure
Clerk to investigate
“TV or radio interference or reception problems
The BBC is now responsible for investigating complaints of interference to domestic radio and television.
Potential causes of interference inside the home can include central heating thermostats, fridge-freezers and some dimmer switches, for example on halogen lights. Under some circumstances, radio or other electrical equipment outside your home can also cause interference.
Before reporting interference to the BBC, you should check your TV or Radio installation to ensure it is operating correctly. In some cases, faults such as poor aerial connections, can cause be the cause of the interference.
Communal aerial systems If you receive television reception from a communal aerial system, for example you live in a block of flats; you should contact your landlord or aerial contractor for help.
Owners of communal aerial systems If you own a communal aerial system as a landlord or for your business (for example, TV retailer) and you require assistance investigating interference, you can request the help of our specialist engineers.”

Question Caravan parked on the Parish Council Car Park
Clerk to write to the owner and The British Legion
Caravan to be moved within 7 days
Hereford President Major Alan Harrhy
The Royal British Legion’s Head Office Postal Address
199, Borough High Street, London SE1 1AA

The Parish Council resolved to change the order of business to Item 9.0 at this time

9.0 Road Safety Letter Received from a Resident
To consider contents of letter
No patrol on School Sign opposite Princess Orchard
Yellow School Flashing Lights – timer required Locality Steward Mr Paul Norris to be informed
Locality Steward Mr Paul Norris to be asked for a copy of the Herefordshire Council “Verges Map”
20mph – waiting for a decision reference Fairfield Academy and Peterchurch Primary School
response should have been received September 2017, hopefully by the end of the year
Sign opposite the Post Office and Shop
Mr Chris Baird Director for Schools
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman thanked Katherine Humberstone, on behalf of the Parish Council,
for arranging to have the railings repaired and other road issues. Mr Barry Durkin had been very helpful.

The Parish Council resumed the correct order of business to Item 6.0

6.0 Financial Report
6.1 To receive report from Finance Working Group Chairman Councillor Mr Brendan C Treanor and to
consider recommendations for approval
Financial Bank Reconciliations for both accounts (provided at meeting) plus Budget for 2018-2019
spread sheets
Councillor Mr B C Treanor Finance Working Group Chairman gave an overview of the meeting

Minutes of Finance Working Group Meeting held at The Peterchurch Village Hall on
Friday 17th November 2017 at 7.00pm No PPC/MW/114FWG
Councillors Present
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Parish Council Chairman
Councillor Mr B C Treanor Finance Working Group Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Clerk Mr M Walker
1.0 Apologies for Absence
No apologies received
No Declarations of Interest recorded
2.0 To Confirm the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the Finance Working Group Meeting No PPC/MW/113F held on Wednesday
13th October 2017 at 7.00pm were unanimously confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
3.0 Financial Update {Financial Spread Sheet given to all present}

3.1 Review Invoices for Payment
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1430943 Electricity 01/09/2017-30/09/2017 £9.63
Cheque 000973
Terry Griffiths TGC0172 £434.40
Roads Account
Cheque 000974
Terry Griffiths TGC0173 £81.60
Play Area
Cheque 000975
Terry Griffiths TGC0174 £168.00
Cheque 000976
Terry Griffiths TGC0175 £93.60
General Account
Cheque 000977
*Terry Griffiths TGC0205 £458.40
Roads Account
Cheque 000978
Terry Griffiths TGC0206 £81.60
Play Area
Cheque 000979
Terry Griffiths TGC0207 £168.00
Cheque 000980
Peterchurch Parish Council Roads-village upkeep September 2017 (1) Invoice No TGC0172
Description of work carried out:- Village Upkeep
Peterchurch Village
Mow and strim verges with 30mph limit
Hinton Green
Mow and strim open space area with bollards
Collect litter and rubbish from areas worked
Peterchurch Parish Council General-play area September 2017 (2) Invoice No TGC0173
Description of work carried out:- Peterchurch Play Area
Mow and strim play area
Collect litter and rubbish
Peterchurch Parish Council General-recreation September 2017 (3) Invoice No TGC0174
Description of work carried out:- Peterchurch Recreation Ground
Mow football pitch
Mow open space area
Collect litter and rubbish
Peterchurch Parish Council General September 2017 (4) Invoice No TGC0175
Description of work carried out:- Parish Store
Peterchurch Car Park
Fit S/H field gate to prepared opening in fence
1 S/H field gate and hinges FOC
2 plate Hooks
8 coach screws
1 gate post
2 6” bolts nuts and washers
1 auto latch kit
NB – Padlock for auto latch not supplied
Peterchurch Parish Council Roads October 2017 (1) 19/10/17 Invoice No TGC0205
Description of work carried out:- Routine Maintenance Work
Clear grids and clean out road gully’s
Jet connecting pipes
Clear road culverts and jet
Check inspection pits
Clear ditch headwalls
Clear grips and reform leads
Clear minor obstruction from ditches and reform leads
Clean off road signs
Clear minor storm debris off roads
Strim round grit bins and road signs
Strim verges on bends junction splays and areas regularly used by pedestrians and no footway is present
Roads covered on this visit-:
Church Road
From B4348 to Hinton Green
From U74407 to C1209
From C1207 to B4348
From B4348 to parish boundary (Bank House)
Materials Marker spray
Peterchurch Parish Council General – play area October 2017 (2) 19/10/17 Invoice No TGC0206
Description of work carried out:- Peterchurch Play Area
Mow and strim play area
Collect litter and rubbish
Peterchurch Parish Council General – recreation October 2017 (3) 19/10/17 Invoice No TGC0207
Description of work carried out:- Mow football pitch
Mow open space area
Collect litter and rubbish
Grant Thornton Invoice No 8748851 £240.00
External Audit
Cheque 000981
Peterchurch Village Hall Invoice No 48 £40.00
Friday 13th October 2017, Tuesday 17th October 2017, Wednesday 25th October 2017
Cheque 000982
Clerk’s Salary November 2017 Gross £618.34
Vehicle expenses £17.55
Postage £4.54
TAX £116.60 NIC £0.00
Nett Salary £523.83
Cheque 000983
All financial transactions unanimously approved except for
*Terry Griffiths TGC0205 £458.40 Roads Account Cheque 000978
Where is C195 from B4348 Bank House
3.2 To Acknowledge and Record Receipts
Npower reference H3480002 £10.03
3.1 Confirmation of Bank Balances
Bank Balances as per Statements
@ 3rd November 2017 Lloyds Business Bank Instant Access Account £21,939.99
Bank Statement No 20

Bank Reconciliation to agree with Bank Statement signed
dated 17/11/2017 £21,939.99
@ 3rd November 2017 Lloyds Treasurers Account £6,907.39
Bank Statement No 27
Bank Reconciliation to agree with Bank Statement signed
dated 17/11/2017 £6,907.39
4.0 Budget Consideration for Recommendation
Draft for consideration
The Financial Working Group formulated a new Draft Budget for 2018-2019 to be approved at full Peterchurch Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 21st November 2017
5.0 Precept Recommendation
Precept for recommendation is £21,660.00 for 2018-2019 fiscal year
6.0 To Agree Schedule and Venue for the Finance Working Group Meetings
Schedule – Next Finance Working Group Meeting to be held on the 8th December 2017
Venue – The Peterchurch Village Hall at 7.00pm
The playing field was not in the 106 agreement
Running costs for Street Lights – electricity, maintenance etc.
Meeting declared closed at 8.45pm
Financial Working Group Chairman Councillor Mr Brendan C Treanor
Date Friday 8th December 2017

West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1435076 Electricity 01/09/2017-30/09/2017 £34.23
Cheque 000984
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1439462 Electricity 01/10/2017-31/10/2017 £9.98
*Joint Cheque 000985
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1439519 Electricity 01/10/2017-31/10/2017 £38.35
*Joint Cheque 000985

6.2 To consider proposed Budget for adoption
The Parish Council resolved to adopt the 2018-2019 Budget, as recommended by the Financial
Working Group, as presented

6.3 To set Precept for 2018-2019
The Parish Council unanimously resolved to set the 2018-2019 Precept at £21,660.00, an increase of
£3,000.00, for the next fiscal year
£3,000.00 equates to, on average, 11.7 pence per household per week
Proposed by Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman and Seconded by Councillor Mr B C Treanor
Finance Working Group Chairman
Vote of thanks given to the Parish Clerk for Budget 2018-2019 compilation and presentation

7.0 Community Governance Review
To agree response to Community Governance Review
All Parish Councillors present had read and understood the contents of the document and unanimously resolved that there would be changes.
The Parish Council unanimously agreed for the Clerk to write to Herefordshire Council confirming their intentions to increase their numbers by ONE.
Proposed by Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman and Seconded by Councillor Mr B C Treanor

8.0 Data Protection Changes
To consider relevant changes to the Data Protection Laws in 2018
Information given to all Parish Councillors which comes into force 25th May 2018

10.0 Peterchurch Highway & Footway Issues Update
10.1 Vehicle Activated Signage To agree erection of VAS units
Signs in Parish Council storage container and on-going investigations as to erection of signs plus
Health and Safety and Risk Assessments
Installation Manuel emailed to Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman, Councillor Ms S Murrin
Vice – Chairman, Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe and Councillor Mr D Morgan for information
Parish Council insurers to be informed of installation

“Minutes Traffic Management Working Group Wednesday 28/10/2017
Attendees Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman, Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman,
Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe and Councillor Mr D Morgan
Apologies from Councillor Mr R Gaze
The only agenda item was to decide the next steps to install the Vehicle Activate Signs which are in our store.
The meeting discussed the options and issues raised by our Clerk at the last Parish Council meeting, it
was concluded that as no work other than placing the fully assembled post in the existing mounting
was to be carried out on the highway (which is a lot less work than the construction of the planters),
that we would arrange the manufacture of the posts, the assembly of the units and installation.
The points require a hole for the cable from the display to be fed to the solar unit and a reducing ring
from 89mm to 76mm on the top. If practical and cost effective the posts will be galvanised.
The wiring will be carried out by an electrician and advice will be sought regarding roadside protection.
The Solar panels will be orientated to the correct alignment, prior to the whole assembly being placed
in the existing base unit and secured by the locking bolt.
The team resolve to move the project forward.”
Safety Plan and Risk Assessment provided.

10.2 Parish Council’s Street Lights To receive update on Street Lamp Adoption
Clerk instructed to contact Mr Clive Hall, possible price reduction
Assurance required reference lights will not be reduced in number and upgrades will be maintained
Agenda item for the next full Parish Council meeting

10.3 Kissing Gate (adjacent to Police Station) To consider action required
The Parish Council unanimously resolved for the Clerk to contact Balfour Beatty Living Places and
ask if they would repair and refurbish this Heritage Community Asset

11.0 Peterchurch War Memorial
To receive update with regards to cleaning and to consider quotations and Grant Application
The pre-application had been submitted for 75% of the total cost of refurbishment and a reply was
The Parish Council unanimously agreed to go ahead with the Grant Application if authorised
Proposed by Councillor Mr R Gaze and Seconded by Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe

12.0 Travellers Sites Development Plan Document Pre-Submission Consultation
6th November -18 December 2017
To consider Parish Council response to consultation
The Parish Council resolved not to comment.

13.0 Tackling Loneliness
To consider Parish Council response to Tackling Loneliness Conference
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman had attended the conference and update the Parish Council
Hub – Good Neighbour Scheme
Hub Café – advertised by word of mouth
Hub events
Hereford Library Service run by volunteers in the Bell Tower
Monday coffee mornings / Lunch Club Peterchurch Village Hall
Village Hall events
Peterchurch is better off than most areas
Keep a watching brief of the situation

14.0 Planning Applications
14.1 Application No 172543 Land to the South of Closure Place
Description Site for Residential Development
“Peterchurch Parish Council considered Amended & Additional Application No 172543 Land to the South of Closure Place at their meeting held on the 21st November 2017.
It is noted that this application is only in outline with all matters other than access reserved for future consideration.
The Parish Council have no objection to the principal residential development of this site.
The revised submitted drawings still do not show any provision (as previously requested) for the area to the North (outlined in blue) of the proposed site to have access which would enable maintenance work required to the area.
PR18’s revised route exits the site onto the B4348 to the North of the site, a two metre wide footway should be provided to the junction of Closure Place in addition to providing a safe pedestrian crossing facility where the PRoW meets the B4348
The Parish Council have noted and welcomed the revised layout and the addition of two semidetached properties however consider that further consideration should be given to increase these much needed and in demand smaller dwellings.
The Parish Council consider that the vehicular site access should complement the Hawthorn Rise access in some way and ask that further input should be requested from the Counties Highways Department to design a suitable scheme which will provide increased pedestrian and vehicular safety.
Informal discussions held with the developer prior to this application alluded to the possibility of the area to the South of the site being donated to the Parish for use as a much needed car park, can the developer be requested to confirm his intentions for this much needed parking facility.
As it appears the PR18a has disappeared, is this to be replaced by a road side footway?
The Parish Council would be grateful for the applicant’s comments before making their final decision and as such request an extension to their required response time to enable further consideration at the next Parish Council meeting on the 12th December 2017.
Resolved:- Not to support the application until issues raised are agreed.
Yours sincerely Malcolm Walker Clerk to Peterchurch Parish Council”

Clerk to write to landowners reference the field requires cutting and the hedges reduced and cut back
and they should be appropriately maintained. The entrance to the village looks un-kept.

14.2 Application No 174039 Wellbrook Manor HR2 0SS
Description Proposed of natural stone wall etc
“Peterchurch Parish Council considered planning application No 174039 Wellbrook Manor Peterchurch HR2 0SS at their meeting held on the 21st November 2017.
Resolved :- Unanimously to support the application as presented.
Best Regards Malcolm Walker Clerk to Peterchurch Parish Council”

15.0 For Information Only Sheet
Sheet to include update on previous action points and a list of correspondence received
Planning Information
28th September 2017 Application No 173208
Sycamore Cottage Long Lane Peterchurch Hereford
Proposed alterations including single storey extension,
raising of roof and two dormers
Application Type Full Householder
Planning Permission Granted 8th November 2017
11th July 2017 Application No 172543
Land to the south of Closure Place, Peterchurch Hereford
Site for residential development and associated works
Application Type Outline
Still Valid

11th September 2017 Application No 173287
Land adjoining Hawthorn Rise, Peterchurch Hereford
Site for proposed erection of 10 dwellings
Construction of new vehicular access and associated works
Application Type Outline
Still Valid
4th October 2017 Application No 173719
Horsepool Crossing Cottage, Peterchurch Hereford
Proposed replacement dwelling
Application Type Planning Permission
Still Valid
Correspondence Received
Information Update
19th January 2017 Letter sent to Mr D Ravenscroft reference land at Old Railway Sidings
Reply still awaited
30th May 2017 2nd Letter sent to Mr D Ravenscroft reference land at Old Railway Sidings
Reply awaited
28th June 2017 Enforcement Officer Mr Mike Willmont contacted
Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe given both letters 19th January 2017 and 30th May 2017
and is going to speak to the owner on the Parish Council’s behalf

30th January 2017 Letter sent to Mr Martin Smith reference parking on chevrons
Reply still awaited

18th July 2017 Email sent to Mr Mark Butler Customer Account Manager
Reference 33, Closure Place Overhanging Hedge
No further information

22nd July 2017 Letter and Map sent to Mrs Joan Price
Reference Overgrown Hedges
Reply still awaited

22nd July 2017 Letter sent to Mr Paul Rone
Reference Missing Bus Stop Flags
Reply still awaited
Clerk to follow up missing Bus Stop Flags

1st August 2017 Asbriplanning
Pre-Order Consultation Footpath PR18 (Part) in the Parish of Peterchurch
Email sent to Parish Councillors 5th August 2017
No replies received

November 2017 Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) News Letter
Your team Based at Peterchurch
PC 164 Roger Bradley – 07976 938 755 roger.bradley@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
PCSO 6173 Fiona Witcher – 07773 054582 fiona.witcher@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
PCSO 6378 Pete Knight – 07773 053919 peter.knight@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
Crime Trends – October Craswall Between Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th Oct, thieves have forced entry to outbuildings and stolen a Hitachi Angle Grinder Incident ref 0616-S-281017
Overnight between the same dates (and possibly the same offenders) a shed/outbuilding was entered and two generators (Hyundai and Briggs and Stratton) stolen Incident Ref 0103-S-271017
Longtown Overnight from Friday 21st Oct to Friday 22nd Oct persons have approached an address which is in a small housing estate with fields to the rear and entered into rear garden. They have then dug up a magnolia tree and stole it from the garden Incident ref 498-S-221017
Between Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th Oct a ride on Husquvana mower was stolen from an outbuilding near Llanveynoe Incident ref 619-S-161017

Hardwick nr Hay on Wye Some road signs and other advertising signs were damage overnight Monday 17th Oct to Tuesday 18th Oct. The offenders have sprayed the sings with blue aerosol paint Incident ref 375-S-181017
Clehonger At the beginning of the month, offenders have gained access to a garden shed of a premise in
Clehonger, and stolen three scrambler type motorcycles Incident ref 211-S-021017
Arrests of note 28yr old male from Eaton Bishop was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and failing to stop at the scene of a collision. He was released on police bail.
Full report on Parish Council Website

Email received from Mr Scott Low reference Shipping Container
14th November 2017 Dear Mr Walker It may require planning permission depending on the current use and length of time in which they intend it to be there.
Leave it with me and I’ll create a case and schedule a site visit, although this will be a couple of weeks due to current workload.
I’ll provide you with an update following my site visit. Regards Scott Low Planning Enforcement Officer

Peterchurch Play Area Weekly Inspection Report from Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman dated 13th November 2017
Bins had been emptied
Quite tidy although fireworks had been set off near hut

Peterchurch Play Area Weekly Inspection Report from Councillor Mr Robert Metcalfe
dated 20th November 2017
Tighten main frame bolts on swing
Tighten bolts on swing

Graffiti to be addressed as soon as possible
Parish Councillor Mr Robert Metcalfe to action removal – not yet achieved

Defibrillator details checked by Parish Clerk – Pads are out of date and require new ones
Clerk to source – NHS Ambulance Service to provide pads
Councillor Mr R Gaze to email all previous details to Clerk

16.0 Matters Relayed to the Clerk for Agenda of the next meeting
Peterchurch Church
Container Albion House {see emailed reply above}
Parish Council’s Street Lights
War Memorial
Kissing Gate
17.0 Confirmation of the Next Meeting Date, Time and Venue
The next meeting will be the Ordinary Parish Meeting and is to be held on Tuesday 12th December 2017 in the Peterchurch Village Hall and is to commence at 7.00pm
NB Next Finance Working Group Meeting to be held on Friday 8th December 2017 at 7.00pm
in the Peterchurch Village Hall

Meeting declared closed at 9.35pm