Minutes – 21st May 2019


Minutes of the Statutory Annual Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/133 held on
Tuesday 21st May 2019 at 19.00 hrs in the Village Hall

Paul Clarke (former Chairman), Councillors Robert Metcalfe, Brendan Treanor, David Morgan, Anna Coda, John Scrimgeour and John Burgess.

In attendance…. Four members of the public plus two representatives from West Mercia Police.

1. Election of Chairman – Councillor David Morgan was nominated and seconded by Councillors Richard Gaze and Robert Metcalfe respectively and was duly appointed.

2. Election of Vice Chairman – Councillor Brendan Treanor was nominated and seconded by Councillors Anna Coda and John Scrimgeour respectively and was duly appointed.

3. Election of Working Groups – It was RESOLVED to re-establish quarterly meetings of the Finance Group beginning in June 2019. It was further RESOLVED that Councillors Morgan, Treanor, Scrimgeour and John Burgess would form the Finance Working Group. Action to constitute other working groups would be deferred to a subsequent meeting.

4. Apologies for absence – None – all councillors were present.

5. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

5.1 No declarations were submitted.
6. Minutes of previous meeting … 16th April 2019.
6.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record. The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

7. Open session
7.1 West Mercia Police…PC Roger Bradley and PCSO Peter Knight were present. Currently, there is very little criminal activity in the area. In discussion, a resident raised the issue revolving around an “abandoned” car in Hinton and the Police agreed to investigate the matter.
7.2 Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt was not present.
7.3 Lengthsman Report – The Lengthsman was not present but had confirmed to the Clerk that he would not be invoicing the Parish Council for the work recently undertaken (dog fouling signs).

7.4 Local Residents’ Issues
7.4.1 It was RESOLVED that the clerk would contact the Yeomans Bus Company to seek an explanation why the morning No 39 bus now leaves from Lewis Way rather than the Nags Head. A resident reported that this was inconveniencing residents.
7.4.2 At the suggestion of a resident it was RESOLVED that a letter of thanks would be forwarded to the former Chairman thanking him for his work on the Parish Council during his tenure.
7.4.3 Councillor Treanor raised an issue on behalf of a resident concerning the recent presence of a caravan/mobile home in the land of a property at Crossways. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would ascertain from the Local Planning Authority the guidelines for parking a mobile home in the grounds of a residential property.
7.4.4 In response to a question from Councillor Coda about the removal of trees outside the community centre Councillor Treanor advised that the action had been taken on the advice of a local tree surgeon.
7.4.5 Councillor John Burgess provided a brief overview of the work of the Carers Trust which provides support to people with caring responsibilities. Further information is available from herefordshire@carerstrust4all.org.uk.

8. Planning…
8.1 Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
8.1.1 Application – 191315– Greenshadows, 1 Fine Street, Peterchurch – Alterations to existing dwelling and erection of a two storey. This application updates a previous consultation in which the former had been afforded the support of the Parish Council. Following discussion, the Parish Council agreed unanimously to support the application and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would respond to the LPA accordingly.
8.1.2 Application – 191301 – Land adjacent to 1 Wellbrookside, Peterchurch – Proposed erection of 2 X 2 bedroom houses with parking. In discussion it was noted that there would be limited space for parking but on balance the Parish Council supported the application and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would notify the LPA accordingly.
8.1.3 Application – 191208 – Wellbrook Farm House, Peterchurch – Use of the Coach House as ancillary accommodation for Wellbrook Farm House – In discussion it was noted that the coach house was an integral part of the property and considered there were no adverse issues with the application and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would advise the LPA that the Parish Council supported the application.

9. Finance…
9.1 Unpaid Invoices – Following discussion it was RESOLVED that unpaid invoices latterly presented by Terry Griffiths for work undertaken in June 2018 should be settled.
9.2 Renewal of Insurance – Councillor Treanor raised two issues in connection with the renewal notice. Firstly, it was unclear what street furniture was included in the policy cover and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would circulate a copy of the asset register to Finance Working Group members. It was further RESOLVED that payment should be forwarded to the Insurance Company to ensure the Parish Council was covered but seek adjustments in the premium should Finance Working Group identify some discrepancies between the asset register and the scope of the policy cover.
9.3 The bank balances as at 3rd May 2019:
9.3.1 Business Bank Instant account … £39,949.46
9.3.2 Treasurers Account … £320.11
9.4 It was RESOLVED to make payments on the submitted schedule.

10. Highways …No issues were raised but it was RESOLVED that the clerk would seek an update on the B4348 initiative.

11. Locality Steward Issues – Velocity patching has been undertaken on the C1208. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would ask the lengthsman to clean out the culvert outside Bufton’s garage. It was also RESOLVED that the clerk would approach the Locality Steward to jet the culvert under the road at Cheshire’s Turn.

12. Traffic Related Issues in the Village- No issues were raised.

13. Issues at Closure Place – Councillor Treanor reported on a subsequent meeting held with a representative from Herefordshire Housing. There was little further progress to report, but Herefordshire Housing have agreed to notify residents living in the bungalows (Nos 36-39 Closure Place) that gates will be installed at the rear of their properties.

14. Parish Council Elections –The clerk advised that as two seats were vacant following the recent election the Parish Council have discretion to co-opt individuals to fill the vacancies. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would place adverts seeking new councillors on the website, noticeboard and in the Golden Valley News. The clerk reminded councillors that their expenses return must be submitted to Herefordshire Council by the end of May 2019.

15. Footpaths – No issues were raised.

16. Playing Field- It was RESOLVED that Councillor Metcalfe would continue to undertake inspections of the playing field supported by Councillors Gaze and Scrimgeour.

17. Failed Streetlights – It was noted that some of the failed streetlights have been repaired where LED lights have been installed.

18. Parish Council Land Deeds – The clerk reported that Humfrys & Symonds had been instructed to register the deeds with the Land Registry.

19. Clerk Correspondence – The clerk circulated a letter received from the Head Teacher at Fairfield School in response to the request made by the Parish Council asking pupils to behave responsibly when present in the playing field.

20. Matters raised for the next meeting on Tuesday 18th June 2019 – None

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.45 hrs

SIGNED …………………………………… DATE

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