MINUTES – 21st JULY 2020

Minutes of an Ordinary Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/144 held remotely on

Tuesday 21st July 2020 at 19.00 hrs.



Councillors David Morgan, Brendan Treanor, Anna Coda, John Burgess, Richard Gaze, Johnny Scrimgeour and Robert Metcalfe


  1. In attendance…. Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt, Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk) and two residents


  1. Apologies for absence – Councillor Maria Duggan.


  1. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests. None


  1. Minutes of previous meeting held on 16th June 2020. – It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record subject to the following amendments and will be signed by the Chairman in due course.
  • Paragraph 7.1 should read “Councillor Scrimgeour added that he has been in contact with the landowner asking him to undertake the work to correct the problem”
  • Paragraph 10 – Replace Komplan with Kompan.


  1. Open session
    • To receive a report from West Mercia Police – no representative from West Mercia was able to join the meeting.
    • To receive a report from the Ward Councillor – During her report Ward Councillor Hewitt covered the following issues.
      • The Covid 19 outbreak at Green’s farm is being managed effectively. The three individuals who left the site are self-isolating. New washing and toilet facilities have been installed on the site plus additional portacabins to allow greater social distancing.
      • Herefordshire Council continues to focus on Covid 19 and recently reached decisions on a range of issues including PPE and car parks amongst others. Ward Councillor Hewitt agreed to provide full details separately.
      • The poor state of the River Wye which is caused by poor practices on both sides of the border.
    • To receive views from local residents on parish matters – The two residents present expressed concerns over Planning Application 201760. The size of the proposed building and poor access were cited as issues against the development. It was also considered that the building will lead to flooding as the level of run off will increase significantly.


  • Covid 19 Response in Peterchurch –Councillor Burgess reported that there remains a consistent level of calls to the helpline. The importance of retaining the bank of volunteers is important especially if a second wave occurs and for other non Covid 19 events such as flooding. The Covid 19 support group continues to meet weekly.


  • PlanningTo comment on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council. Planning Consultation – 201760 – Land off Chapel Lane, Peterchurch, Herefordshire, HR2 0RX – Proposed new general purpose agricultural and livestock. Reflecting on the comments expressed by the two residents present at the meeting it was decided to object to the planning application on the ground of the unsuitability of the access to the site plus concerns over the heightened risk of flooding. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk notify the LPA accordingly.


  • Finance…
    • The bank balances at 30 June 2020
      • Business Bank Instant account … £28,630.58
      • Treasurers Account … £17, 201.32
    • It was RESOLVED to make the following payments:
      • Clerk’s salary in accordance with his employment contract.
      • PAYE (June 2020) – £116.80
      • Countrywide Maintenance- £223.99
      • HALC (Internal Audit) – £240.00
    • Financial Monitoring 2020/21 – The Clerk reported that based on spend to date plus an extrapolation of costs to the end of the financial year even when taking into account earmarked expenditure on the car park the Parish Council will be left with a healthy level of reserves.
    • Internal Audit Report 2019/20 – Councillors noted the content of the Internal Audit Report 2019/20
    • End of Year Accounts 2019/20 – Councillors considered and approved the end of year accounts presented by the Clerk.
    • Annual Governance Accounting Statement Section 1 (2019/20) – Councillors considered and approved the statement.
    • Annual Governance Accounting Statement Section 2 (2019/20) – Councillors considered and approved the statement.


  • Highways
    • There was discussion on the issue of speeding vehicles through the village but there was general recognition that altering speed limits is difficult. A 20- mph speed limit and a pedestrian crossing had been discussed in previous meetings and Ward Councillor Hewitt commented that it might be easier to link speed regulations with the proposed work on the primary school. In the meantime, it was RESOLVED the Clerk contact West Mercia Police asking whether action could be taken to enforce the existing speed limit.
    • A resident asked if the village streetlights could be switched off at night. Councillor Treanor explained that it is current Balfour Beatty policy to leave the streetlights on all night. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk seek clarification on the current policy from the Ward Councillor.


  • Lengthsman – The Chairman suggested it would be prudent to reform the lengthsman working group through which the lengthsman could be tasked to undertake routine maintenance throughout the year. There was support for this proposal with Councillor Scrimgeour suggesting that the scope of the working group could be broadened to consider all issues identified by the Parish Council. Councillors Morgan, Scrimgeour, Burgess and Metcalfe agreed to form the working group. It was RESOLVED that any issues Councillors wish to be considered should be forwarded to the Clerk who will maintain an action log. It was further proposed that the working group meets as soon as possible as the lengthsman will be required to undertake some work in the autumn. Councillor Metcalfe asked about the drainage report from Balfour Beatty and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk re-send the communication from the drainage engineer.


  • Traffic Related Issues in the Village – No further issues were raised.


  • Footpaths – As there is currently no Footpaths Officer it was RESOLVED that the Clerk advertises the vacancy in the summer newsletter.


  • Playing Field – Following the publication of recent Government guidance it was RESOLVED that the playing field should be re-opened.


  • Extension of the Village Car Park – Councillor Scrimgeour provided an update on developments since the last meeting. A quote has been received for the spares needed to relocate the current play equipment including a piece of broken equipment currently in the storage unit which would cost circa £500/£600. Councillor Metcalfe will investigate whether he will be able to repair this equipment. Details of the safety matting has also been provided and Councillor Scrimgeour reported that the cost would fall between £1400 and £2000. The overall cost of relocating the play equipment is expected to fall between £6k and £7.5k (ex VAT). Additionally, the cost of extending the car park itself would be £12k for the basic specification but this will increase if “optional” extras are approved. Councillor Scrimgeour proposed the following three separate tenders.


  • Playground (including spares, safety matting, installation)
  • Car park
  • Cultivating and seeding the topsoil


There was brief discussion on the availability of grant funding but Councillor Scrimgeour reported that this is only available for new playgrounds and would not be appropriate for this initiative. Councillor Coda made the point that, by extending the carpark, the Parish Council will be funding additional spaces for residents living in the village. It was RESOLVED that Councillor Scrimgeour should proceed with seeking tenders for three strands of work discussed.



  • Request to Sell Food From the Village Car Park – Following discussion it was agreed that permission is granted to allow Mr Deeley to sell hot food from the village carpark provided that bins are provided and all litter is removed from the site. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk notify Mr Deeley accordingly.


  • Summer Newsletter – With the inclusion of an advertisement for a Footpaths Officer and an update on the playground Councillors approved both the newsletter and the printing and distribution costs.


  • Consultation on Affordable Housing in Herefordshire – Councillors asked for details of the consultation to be forwarded to them to allow a response to be made on an individual basis.


  • Permissive Footpath adjacent to the Old Police Station – Following a brief discussion it was RESOLVED that the Clerk write again to the lengthsman asking him to remove and place the noticeboard in the storage unit until work on the carpark is complete. Councillor Metcalfe offered to help with the removal.


  • Action Planning List – Councillor Scrimgeour suggested that the spreadsheet he had produced would be a useful tool in maintaining an up to date record of all proposed Parish Council priorities and could inform the discussions of the proposed working group.


  • Clerk Correspondence – A resident had written raising further issues around the bus service in Peterchurch. Councillors acknowledged that the timing of the last bus (T14) from Hereford was too early support people wishing to use the service to return home from work. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk writes to both the Ward Councillor and John Harrington asking for a later bus from Hereford and funding from Herefordshire Council to make that happen. A second resident raised concerns about speeding traffic in the village but this issue was discussed earlier in the meeting.


  • To Note Information Items – None


  • Matters raised for the next meeting on the 15th September 2020


  • Peterchurch Water Company
  • Streetlighting



The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.57 hrs

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