Minutes – 21st January 2020

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/140 held on
Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 19.00 hrs in the Village Hall

Councillors David Morgan , Brendan Treanor, Robert Metcalfe, Richard Gaze, Anna Coda, Johnny Scrimgeour, John Burgess and Maria Duggan.

In attendance…. Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt, PCSO Peter Knight and four residents.

1. Apologies for absence – None.

2. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

2.1 No declarations were submitted.

3. Minutes of previous meeting … 17th December 2019
3.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record. The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

4. Open session
4.1 West Mercia Police…PCSO Knight reported that currently there is very little recorded crime in the area. Cold callers who have been operating in the area must a have a pedlar’s licence in order to sell door to door. Speed checks have been put in place outside the primary school. PC Sarah Smith who is based in Ledbury will provide a link to local teams in order to identify problem areas in the county.
4.2 Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt’s report included the following key issues:
4.2.1 Climate Emergency – Herefordshire Council is exploring with other councils, ideas on how best to respond to the climate emergency with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint across the county. The Hereford Green Network are working with HALC as part of the “Great Collaboration” which looks at ways in which climate change can be tackled at a local level. As part of this initiative a workshop has been organised for the 27th January 2020 in Ross-On-Wye.
4.2.2 Peterchurch Primary School- £7m has been allocated to the budget for the primary school and it was noted that a schedule of work was required to bring some clarity to the proposals. It was RESOLVED that the clerk write to Councillor Gemma Davies (Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Commissioning, Procurement and Assets) to ask for details of the Council’s plans and highlight the importance to Peterchurch of having a new primary school. A resident commented that Herefordshire Council made a commitment in Dec 2018 with regards to the new primary school. It was RESOLVED that the clerk to check the relevant minutes to ascertain if that commitment was recorded at that time.
4.2.3 Flood resilience – there was discussion on how the local community could become more engaged in issues such as flood resilience. Ward Councillor Hewitt advised that Bethany Lewis (National Flood Initiative) would be prepared to talk to Parish Councils. The discussion broadened to include specific flooding issues in Peterchurch noting that a culvert at Hinton had collapsed which explains the recent flooding in that area. It was also noted that the drain at Crossways was partially blocked with debris. A proposed solution to the Crossways issue was suggested by a resident and it was agreed that the details would be forwarded to the Ward Councillor via the clerk.
4.2.4 Transport Strategy – an announcement on Herefordshire Council’s future plans would be made on the 24th January 2020.

4.3 Residents’ Issues
4.3.1 A resident raised concerns over Yeomans’ decision to start the No 39 (09.30hrs) bus from Lewis Way rather than the Nags Head which has inconvenienced residents, especially the elderly and disabled, to such an extent that they have raised a petition against the decision. Given the strength of opinion against Yeoman’s decision it was RESOLVED that the clerk write again to the company seeking a reversal of their decision.
4.3.2 A resident expressed concern over the cost of posting the winter newsletter when volunteers were prepared to hand deliver to most of the households in the parish. Councillors agreed that, provided there is a guarantee that all households would receive a copy of future newsletters, they would revert to the previous arrangements. It was RESOLVED that the clerk will invite the volunteer to highlight those households which will receive a hand delivered copy.
4.3.3 Councillor John Burgess reported he had been approached about the possibility of the Parish Council agreeing to signs being erected reminding residents and others not to leave litter behind. It was RESOLVED to invite the sponsor to a future Parish Council meeting to explore more fully his proposals.
4.3.4 Councillor Maria Duggan suggested that there would be benefit in using the services of a tree warden to help maintain and protect the trees in the village. It was RESOLVED that Councillor Duggan would pass details of the tree warden to the clerk who, in turn, would invite him to the next Parish Council meeting.

5. Planning …. Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council.
5.1 Planning Consultation 194410 – Urishay Court, Urishay, Hereford, HR2 0SY. Proposed alterations and extension. Following discussion, it was decided to approve the application and it was RESOLVED the clerk inform the LPA accordingly.

6. Finance…
6.1 The bank balances as at 31st December 2019
6.1.1 Business Bank Instant account … £37,791.86
6.1.2 Treasurers Account … £4,645.22
6.2 It was RESOLVED to make the following payments
6.2.1 Village Hall – £20
6.2.2 Clerk’s salary as per employment contract
6.2.3 Countrywide Maintenance- £223.99
6.2.4 Stationery – £28.90
6.2.5 Travel – £16.20
6.2.6 PAYE – £116.80
6.2.7 Winter Newsletter – £508.84
6.2.8 Dore Community Transport – £200.00

7. Highways
7.1 There was no progress in sourcing the Vehicle Activated Signs software and it was RESOLVED that the clerk contact Dorstone Parish Council to ask if they have access to the programming information.
7.2 Councillor Maria Duggan reported on the appalling condition of Long Lane and Old Tay which has left residents feeling isolated. Councillor Duggan was invited to let the clerk have photographs of the damaged roads who, in turn, would submit the evidence to the Locality Steward.
7.3 Drainage issues have arisen because of a partially blocked culvert or ditch at Cheshire Turn. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would bring this to the attention of the Locality Steward.

8. Traffic Related Issues in the Village – No further issues were raised.

9. Footpaths
9.1 Councillor Anna Coda reported that there is a large pothole in the pavement adjacent to Hawthorn Rise and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would bring this to the attention of the Locality Steward.
9.2 Councillor Robert Metcalfe highlighted a problem on the footpath which runs from the church to Hinton Farm. As it was unclear who owned this land it was RESOLVED that the clerk request a footpath map from Balfour Beatty.

10. Playing Field – Councillor Robert Metcalfe raised an issue connected with a hedge marking the boundary of the playing field close to the petrol station. It was RESOLVED that the clerk provides a copy of Land Registry records to the next meeting to establish ownership of the boundary concerned.

11. Extension of Car Park – Councillor Brendan Treanor updated the meeting that the Village Hall Committee are not receptive to the idea of directing motorists to the village hall car park. In light of this development the proposal for signage becomes nugatory. Councillor Johnny Scrimgeour was asked to investigate the rough order of costs of applying white lines on the existing car park.

12. Pedestrian Crossing – The clerk reported that the Parish Council’s proposal to explore a 20- mph speed limit outside the school will be discussed by the school governors on the 28th January 2020.

13. Clerk Correspondence
13.1 Issues raised about the winter newsletter had been discussed earlier in the meeting.
13.2 NDP workshop. It was RESOLVED that the clerk confirm that Peterchurch Parish Council will require at least 3 places on the workshop arranged for the 26th March 2020.

14. To Note Information Items – No issues were raised.

15. Matters raised for the next meeting on Tuesday 18th February 2020
15.1 Boundary for playing field
15.2 20 mph speed limit
15.3 Primary School update.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.00hrs

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