Minutes 20th June 2017

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of Peterchurch Parish Council
held at The Peterchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 20th June 2017

No PPC/MW/110
Councillors Present
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman
Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe
Councillor Mr D Morgan
Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Councillor Mr B C Treanor

Clerk Mr M Walker

Also Present
Golden Valley North Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price and three further members of the public

The Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council was formally opened
by the Chairman at 7.00pm
1.0 Apologies for Absence
No Apologies received as all Parish Councillors were present
Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths and PCSO Fiona Witcher from the Police not present

2.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
2.1 To receive any Declarations of Interest in agenda items from Councillors
No Declarations of Interest were made

2.2 To consider any written applications for dispensation
There were no written requests for dispensation

3.0 Minutes
The Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting No PPC/MW/109 held on Tuesday
23rd May 2017 at 7.00pm were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4.0 To Receive Reports from:-
4.1 Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price
Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price reported on the following:-
“Golden Valley North Ward Report – June 2017
Hartlebury Waste to Energy Plant
The Waste to Energy plant is now operational and producing 15.5 megawatts/ hour, enough power for every home in Hereford city. As quarter owners of this project with Worcestershire we can put 200,000 tonnes of domestic refuse through it. Currently no domestic waste goes to Land fill. If we were to increase our recycling rate we could have capacity to sell to other authorities, so keep up the recycling, it saves the Council money!
Nutrient Management Plan Board NMP Over the last year the partners in this project have developed a dash Board to monitor the targets set in reducing Phosphates in the Rivers Wye and Lugg catchment through both diffuse pollution from our land and urban and rural Infrastructure and Point Source from sewerage works and domestic septic arrangements.
This dash board has been approved to go online through the Council website with links for those wanting more data to drill down on the evidence provided. The position is slowly improving with a considerable amount of work in the pipeline for continuing that improvement.

We have concerns that more could be done over the border in Wales and to that end our next board meeting will convene in Powys once they have approved their local plan.
Brian Williams – Grass verge cutting Contractor I am sorry to report that Brian died at the start of what should have been a normal working day, which proved anything but for Owen and Julia Whittall and Tim Stokes at Lower Moccas farm.
Brian collapsed in the yard before getting to his tractor which set in train an emergency that included the use of the Moccas defibrillator before it was permanently installed outside the hall.
Brian’s family have expressed a wish to also contribute to having defibrillators in rural areas and wish to also support the Preston one.
However at an Event on Monday evening 5th June a fundraiser for a defibrillator for Preston by curtesy of Mr and Mrs Andrew Rawstorne at Upper House was very successful and raised over £800. The defibrillator has already been ordered and paid for by Preston Hall committee until funds can be found to repay. These machines cost over £1000 with a charge for new pads each time they are used of approx. £120 with maintenance from time to time.
Please give some time to get trained to use these machines as they are now in most villages locally
Planning Every so often County Councillors have to undergo training to be able to sit on committees
Whilst I do not sit on the planning committee, I have to attend planning training as a Cabinet member.
From the latest training I show the list below of “Material” and “non-material” considerations when assessing an application. Your planning application has to follow the 3 policies of The National Planning Policy Framework, The Local Plan for the County and a Neighbourhood plan if the application sits in an NP area.
The factors below can be weighted according to circumstances, however The Non-material factors are not generally considered in making a decision whereas the material factors must carry some weight in the process. You may be surprised by some of these!

All parishes in Golden Valley north either have a Neighbourhood plan or are in the delivery process, so any planning application must comply in future! Regards Cllr Philip Price
Ward member Golden Valley North Herefordshire Council Cabinet member for Infrastructure”

4.2 West Mercia Police
No Police present see Item 11.0

4.3 Update from Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths
Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths not present
Reports included in Financial Item 7.0

4.4 To Receive Any Relevant Highway Reports
“Traffic Management Village Speed limits working group meeting:
Friday 16/06/2017 @ 15:00
Chairman’s Working Group Report
Councillor Paul Clarke – Chairman, Councillor Richard Gaze, Councillor Robert Metcalf,
Councillor Sarah Murrin, Mr Will Steel – Balfour Beatty, Mr Rob Hemblade – Balfour Beatty, Mrs Linzy Outtrim – Balfour Beatty, Mr Malcolm Walker Clerk to Peterchurch Parish Council
• 1. “Introductions – Completed
• 2. Review the structure of Hereford Highways / Balfour Beatty departments and systems to improve our understanding, with contact points – Not fully answered other than Hereford county set all policies and Balfour Beatty Execute. Paul Rone is the Hereford Council member responsible.
• 3. Resolve the issue of the Parish Council supplying and operating two SID / VAS 30mph signs on the B4348 –
• The answer was that Hereford council policy is that the signs will be installed for 1 month and removed for 2 months then replaced, this will not be changed and where units are permanently installed this will be reviewed with a view to compliance with the policy.
• If we install units in non compliance they WILL be removed by Balfour Beatty.
• Even though we paid for the bases to be installed they are not ours they are street furniture owned by Balfour Beatty, we are not sure how that stands up as we own and installed the planters with Balfour Beatty permission and they are still ours?
• We have produced a document explaining our Unique position requesting that the Policy is relaxed, to be sent to Balfour Beatty, which they have said they will discuss with Hereford Council.
• 4. Understanding of TRO Traffic Regulation Order anomalies raised by the Safer Roads Partnership and when they will be corrected.
• Balfour Beatty cannot progress re applying for a TRO as Hereford Council have not authorised them to proceed with ANY.
• Peterchurch is the top of the list but may be held due to the school transport issue.
• Once Hereford Council agree that Balfour Beatty may proceed with the numerous TRO’s to be corrected and release the constraints applied to Peterchurch, If approved this month we could have completion by April 2018.
• 5. Discuss opportunities to obtain a key for the installed post bases, which were paid for by the parish.
• Initially refused on the grounds that we did not have permission to use.
• Would consider issuing Keys if we comply with the existing SID agreement no doubt with an assessment charge of £455 which should not be required as already carried out.
• We may be alloud to then use our own units.
• 6. Update on the one day traffic survey carried out in Peterchurch by Tracsis Plc. Survey No 0632
• All persons from BB have NO knowledge that a survey took place, all have good understanding of Peterchurch and could have been helpful in setting the criteria and scope, as could ourselves

Street Lighting
Street lighting was not an agenda item but several councillors wanted to ask why we had no response to our request for information regarding Hereford County taking on our responsibility as a Lighting authority thereby putting ALL lights under one umbrella.
ALL three Balfour Beatty officers expressed surprise as they were aware of an email issued in Oct 2016 which offered a range of options:-
• 1. Hereford / Balfour Beatty take on our street lights
• We would need to pay for a survey of our lamps to ensure adequate condition.
• We would have to pay for conversion to LED and any post replacements or they would not be taken over.

• We would need to make a contribution to running costs.
• 2. Peterchurch take over Hereford Lamps.
• We would need to compensate for the asset value.
• No payment would be received for running costs.
• We would be required to remove the redundant unwired unit in Closure Place.
• We did not fully understand if the proposal included those maintained by Hereford Housing.
Unfortunately none of the officers could find the emails that they all were aware of or the update that was received on the 15/06/2017.
Linzey Outtrim was asked to supply us with copies of the emails so that we could consider the options at council.
All councillors present were understandably upset that our district councillor Mr Price had not updated us as it appeared he was aware.”

5.0 Public Question Time
Designated maximum period of 10 minutes for public questions to the Parish Council
No matters raised

6.0 Future Educational Facilities for Peterchurch
Mr Andy Hough Traffic Survey carried out – No Consultation
Balfour Beatty Living Places were also not aware of the Speed Survey
No progress with Schools issues

7.0 Financial Report
To receive report from Finance Working Group Chairman Councillor Mr Brendan C Treanor and to consider recommendations for approval
Financial Receipts and Payments Schedule (provided at meeting)
Councillor Mr B C Treanor Finance Working Group Chairman gave an overview of the meeting
Minutes of Finance Working Group Meeting No PPC/MW/110F held in The Peterchurch Village Hall on Friday 16th June 2017 commencing at 7.00pm
Councillors Present
Councillor Mr B C Treanor Finance Working Group Chairman
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Parish Council Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Clerk Mr M Walker
1.0 Apologies for Absence
No apologies received as all Finance Working Group Members were present
No Declarations of Interest recorded
2.0 To Confirm the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
No separate finance meeting as all related issues were dealt with during the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
3.0 Financial Update
3.1 Confirmation of Bank Balances
Bank Balances as per Statements
@ 2nd June 2017 Lloyds Business Bank Instant Access Account £28,953.53
Bank Statement No 15
Bank Reconciliation to agree with Bank Statement dated 02/06/2017 £28,953.53
@ 2nd June 2017 Lloyds Treasurers Account £5,663.00
Bank Statement No 22
Bank Reconciliation to agree with Bank Internet Printed Statement dated 02/06/2017 £5,663.00

3.2 To Acknowledge and Record Receipts
Groundwork UK Grant NPG-03229 £1,925.00
3.3 Review Invoices for Payment
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC0032 Road Account £464.40
Cheque 000928
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC0033 General Account £78.00
Cheque 000929
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC0034 General Account £168.00
This Item was returned to the Contractor for Clarification no payment made
Peterchurch Parish Council Roads Account May 2017
(1) Invoice No TGC0032 11/05/2017
Description of work carried out:- Specific Task Work
Mow and strim verges in Peterchurch village within the 30mph zone
Collect litter and rubbish Attendance date 11-05-17
Peterchurch Parish Council General Account May 2017
(2) Invoice No TGC0033 11/05/2017
Description of work carried out:-
Peterchurch recreation area
Mow and strim
Collect litter and rubbish Attendance date 11-05-17
Peterchurch Parish Council General Account May 2017
(3) Invoice No TGC0034 11/05/2017
Description of work carried out:-
Peterchurch play area
Mow and strim
Collect litter and rubbish Attendance date 11-05-17
Peterchurch Village Hall Invoice No 25 £30.00
19th May 2017 7.00pm-8.00pm and 23rd May 2017 7.00pm-9.00pm
Cheque 000930
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC0053 Road Account £440.40
Cheque 000931
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC0054 General Account £78.00
Cheque 000932
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC0055 General Account £168.00
Cheque 000934
Peterchurch Parish Council Roads May 2017
(4) Invoice No TGC000053
Description of work carried out:-
Village upkeep work
Peterchurch Village
Mow and strim roadside verges within 30mph zone
Hinton Green
Mow and strim open space area
Peterchurch Parish Council General Play Area May 2017
(5) Invoice No TGC000054 31/05/2017
Description of work carried out:-
Mow and strim play area
Collect litter and rubbish

Peterchurch Parish Council General Recreation May 2017
(6) Inv No TGC000055 31/05/2017
Description of work carried out:-
Mow football pitch
Mow open space area
Collect litter and rubbish
Chairman’s Expenses The Dawn Nurseries 8000 012518 £13.97
*Joint Cheque 000935
Chairman’s Expenses Toolstation Hereford OR8718011951 £10.55
*Joint Cheque 000935
West Mercia Energy Invoice No 1387109 Electricity 01/04/2017-30/04/2017 £11.21
Cheque 000936
Clerk’s Salary June 2017 Gross £599.42
Vehicle expenses £40.50
Postage £12.94
TAX £113.00 NIC £0.00
Nett Salary 539.86
Cheque 000937
HMR&C 1st Quarter Payment April May June £337.40
Cheque 000938
ICO Date Protection Z9981588 Direct Debit 19th July 2017 £35.00
All financial transactions unanimously approved
Church money of £40.00 paid on July meeting
Play area £750.00 to offset relevant reserves of £1,007.88
Contact Kompan reference “Graffiti” removal
Extra Spread-sheet required providing Year to Date information
4.0 To Agree Schedule and Venue for the Finance Working Group Meetings
Schedule – Working Group Meeting to be held on the Friday prior to each Parish Council Meeting
Venue – The Peterchurch Village Hall 14th July 2017 at 7.00 pm
Meeting declared closed at 7.35 pm
Financial Working Group Chairman Councillor Mr Brendan C Treanor
Date Friday 14th July 2017

8.0 Children’s Play Area
8.1 To review play area signage
Review of new signage for play area
Agenda item for the next full Parish Council meeting

8.2 To consider options re-littering issues
Alcohol Orders and Dog Orders obtained
Litter Orders to be investigated
Agenda item for the next full Parish Council meeting

8.3 Installation of gate to equipment storage area
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman to contact Contractor Mr Terry Griffiths

Replacement of the “Rope” piece of equipment had been undertaken by
Councillor Mr R Gaze and Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe
The Chairman thanked them for installing the replacement equipment

Peterchurch Play Area Weekly Inspection Report from Councillor Mrs R A Quelch dated 20th June 2017 found 1) No excessive foundation movement 2) No Excessive wear on plastic or rubber parts.

9.0 Speed Indicating Devices (SIDs)
To receive update from the Transport Working Group
TROs specifications could be extended
Key not available
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman read out his proposed letter
“Deployment of Speed Activated Signs in Peterchurch
Peterchurch is unique in Herefordshire due to the B4348 being the main artery from the A49 and A465 that enables access to the Welsh borders, this attracts tourists, delivery vans, motorcycles and Heavy vehicles, which as well as general haulage are involved in the haulage of Potatoes, trees and livestock to and from the border towns and beyond.
The village is built along the B4348 and has two major pinch points at the Boughton Arms and adjacent to Lewis way, where no Pavement exists and the road narrows, along which parents and children of all ages walk to go to Primary School or High school in the village.
The schools generate a considerable volume of traffic through the village whilst using a one way system from the High school through Hinton and back through the village in the mornings and parking on the B4348 from Crossways to Hawthorn Rise in the afternoon closing the highway down to one lane for a long way.
The Primary School uses its own parking, the Village hall and recreational area parking in Church Road, which keeps many parked cars off the B4348 but does generate concerns with the level of movement on and off the B4348 at Church Road and Closure Place, Closure Place is a dangerous exit with some Primary School parking occurring opposite the Junction.

The Parish Council has had many representations asking for some traffic calming in the village these were raised at our council meetings and during our NDP consultation sessions and open days, a working group was set up to review options.
We received advice from Hereford Council Highways department which we accepted with the Lining changes on the new road surfacing, we did not pursue the gated village approach to the installation of white gates due to the high maintenance issue caused by Tractor and heavy vehicle discharges but we have improved our regime of verge maintenance and would like to see the new lining continued when the roads are resurfaced.
The working group advised the purchase and installation of two 30 mph Speed activated signs solar powered and permanently installed. The recommendation was based on personal experience, a review of many reports TRL 548 being one and advice from the Department of Transport. Peterchurch Parish Council accepted the advice and authorised the purchase of the signs the main purpose being to:-
• Remind drivers of the recommended speed through the village
• Do all we can to avoid an incident and protect our children.
• Be seen to have done something.
• Maximise the impact by a permanent installation.
We have a distinctive situation in Peterchurch due to the B4348 being a high speed section prior to village entry at both ends and the road is relatively straight through the village which does not encourage speed reduction.
The danger of speed through the village was recognised by the Safer Roads Partnership who had planned to implement an enforcement program but due to our TRO anomalies could not proceed. We have lost our School Crossing Patrol recently which has created widespread concern in the village. Speed indicating devices would relieve some of the concerns, as would rapid correction of the TRO anomalies.

We have approved sites and our proposed signs are approved, the Parish Council will fully fund the units therefore we would respectfully request that the ruling for removal of the signs is not applied in our unique case, so that we can have a cost effective solution which will not rely on volunteers now or in the future removing and replacing signs, which could put themselves at risk and reducing the life expectancy of the signs. Further Solar powered signs are ecologically friendly, not requiring charging from the mains but cannot and should not be erected and removed due to fragility and orientation which maximises performance.”

Above letter unanimously agreed by the Parish Council to be sent to all parties involved.

Meeting to be arranged with all concerned within the next two weeks

10.0 Parish Council “Periodical” Newsletter
To agree content, printing and distribution
Amendments required then printing and distribution approved by the Parish Council.

11.0 For Information Only Sheet
Sheet to include update on previous action points and a list of correspondence received
Planning Information
13th January 2017 Application No 164039
Pear Tree Cottage, Fine Street, Peterchurch, Hereford HR2 0SN
Proposed barn conversion to residential use and proposed detached double garage
Application Type Planning Permission
Planning Application Still Valid

23rd February 2017 Application No 170614
Hedgerows at Lower Park Wood, Vowchurch, Hereford HR2 0RJ
Proposed removal of two sections of hedgerow
Application Type Hedgerow Removal
Planning Application Still Valid

17th May 2017 Application No 171540
Wellbrook Manor Garden Barn, Stockley Hill, Peterchurch
Hereford HR2 0SS
Proposed change of use from mixed office and holiday let to a dwelling and
associated alterations
Application Type Planning Permission
Planning Application Still Valid

Correspondence Received Information Update
19th January 2017 Letter sent to Mr D Ravenscroft reference land at Old Railway Sidings
Reply still awaited
30th May 2017 2nd Letter sent to Mr D Ravenscroft reference land at Old Railway Sidings
Reply awaited

30th January 2017 Letter sent to Mr Martin Smith reference parking on chevrons
Reply still awaited

26th May 2017 Seafarers UK
Letter and Poster reference Fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day

29th May 2017 Emails sent reference 33, Closure Place “Hedge”
FTAo Malcolm Walker Thank you for your email
I can confirm that I am working with the tenant of 33 Closure Place who is an elderly lady, struggling with the upkeep of her home and garden. Her husband has had to go into a residential care home and she is experiencing financial difficulty.
I am due to visit again soon to check progress with the maintenance of her home and garden and will continue to monitor the situation. However, if there is any help that the Parish Council can give this lady then please let me know. Thank you Mark Butler Customer Account Manager Customer Service Team

From: Housing Services Admin Team Sent: 30 May 2017 14:41
To: Mark Butler Subject: FW: Peterchurch Parish Council [#D030P] Hi Mark Apologies if this has already been sent to you.
Many thanks Jo Williams Lettings Assistant Customer Service Team
HHL.org.uk | IndependenceTrust.co.uk
Herefordshire Housing, Legion Way, Hereford, HR1 1LN

From: HerefordshireHousing Sent: 30 May 2017 12:58
To: Housing Services Admin Team Subject: FW: Peterchurch Parish Council [#D030P]

—–Original Message—–From: “Malcolm Walker” Sent: 29 May 2017 12:53
To: “info@hhl.org.uk” <info@hhl.org.uk> Subject: Peterchurch Parish Council
Good morning, Peterchurch Parish Council have asked me to make contact with regards to one of your properties in Peterchurch in particular 33 Closure Place Peterchurch HR2 0RS. The Parish Council have received a number of complaints about an overgrown hedge which is obstructing the footway.
Could a site visit be requested followed by a report of action (if any) to be taken?
Best Regards M Walker Malcolm Walker Clerk to Peterchurch Parish Council

Enforcement Officer Mr Mike Willmont to be contacted reference “Big Pit”

June 2017 Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) Application Toolkit
Herefordshire Traffic Management emailed to Parish Councillors

12th June 2017 Many thanks for your email
Our Traffic management Advisor for Herefordshire is currently still looking into this issue for you so will be in touch shortly. Vicki Bristow Communications Manager
Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire and West Mercia
**Please note** This is our new Safer Roads team email address. Please use this address to contact us in future, rather than our previous email address (info@srpwestmercia.org.uk). www.thinksaferroads.org.uk

From: Malcolm Walker Sent: 20 March 2017 12:40
To: info@srpwestmercia.org.uk Subject: Peterchurch Parish Council
Good Morning, The Parish Council have previously used SID devices on the B4348 at either end of Peterchurch Village.
Due to the cost of hiring these from Herefordshire Council’s contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places the Parish Council have resolved to purchase two solar power units.
However BBLP have refused to allow the Parish Council to install these (at previously approved and used locations) as they insist that they can only be installed on the bases of one month on two months off.
When challenged BBLP insist that this is national policy, clearly we asked about the permanently fix units around the county to which we received a reply that they were VAS units, so the Parish Council said that we would purchase two of these unit but once again BBLP said that our locations would not qualify as there was no historic accident issues or speeding issues.
It appears to the Parish Council that BBLP are placing all possible obstacles in the way to prevent them from purchasing and using their own equipment, however should we wish to hire their equipment on their terms then all these problems disappear.
The Parish Council are asking for your assistance in resolving this ridicules situation where, because of a contractors financial interest, a Parish Council is being prevented from improving the road safety through its village. Can you please help? Yours Sincerely M Walker
Malcolm Walker Clerk to Peterchurch Parish Council

12th June 2017 Telephone call to BT Kiosks
reference Cleaning Urishay Telephone Kiosk
Logged to be actioned ASAP

Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Briefing 25th May – 2nd June 2017
Good morning Sadly, I have to report that our churches are being targeted by thieves; there were two incidents on our patch last week and the week before an attempt was made to break into Kingstone Church, and just over the border, a small church in Penpont near Brecon was broken into and all the church silver was stolen. Many of our lovely rural churches are very isolated and therefore especially vulnerable, so if you’re passing one and have time, please check all is in order.

Crime Trends Clehonger All Saints church in Old Clehonger was broken into between Sunday 28th May and Wednesday 31st May; the padlock that secures the front door had been wrenched off and once inside the small metal wall safe inside the door was taken off the wall and stolen. There was a large locked wooden box on the floor which had been forced open, but this contained just church paperwork and nothing was taken. All other parts of the church had been visited, cupboards searched, and even the hatch up to the bell tower had been opened, but nothing else was taken Incident ref 518-s-310517
Clodock St Clydawg’s church was entered by thieves between 2am – 9am on Saturday 27th May, and the glass in the locked doors to the vestry was smashed to gain entry to the kitchen and rear offices. From there a large, heavy metal box was removed and taken away, using a wheelbarrow that had been stolen from a nearby residence.
The box contained the burial, birth and marriage records plus a map of the churchyard – items which although have little or no monetary value, are irreplaceable.
We believe the thieves assumed the church silver was kept in the box, so they would have been very disappointed. So far, the box and its contents have not been found, please keep an eye out in case they have been dumped somewhere Incident ref 252-s-270517
Longtown A garage at a property on the outskirts of the village was broken into overnight on Friday 26th/Saturday 27th May and a brand new Titan hedge trimmer, still in its box, was stolen.
Also taken was a Marin Belvedere pedal cycle and three rucksacks containing several items including a Decathlon wetsuit, a pair of Morrell trainers and storm kettle Incident ref 237-s-270517
Bogus traders Beware of bogus traders – there have been several calls to West Mercia Police recently regarding cold callers at the door, so here is a timely reminder of what to do – or not to do!
Bogus traders operating door-to-door will often take advantage of poor weather conditions to offer their services, including flooding and high winds, which may have caused damage to your property.
Otherwise they may try and point out ‘problems’ that don’t actually exist. Such traders can be extremely persuasive and elderly and vulnerable people are often targeted.
Low prices are quoted, but as the work starts the price tends to increase.
In most cases the work is done to a very poor standard, leaving the owner facing a second bill to have the work redone properly. They use a variety of sales pitches to get you to agree to having work done.
These include suggesting that the property, if not repaired, will be dangerous and may cause additional problems to the structure of your home or putting a time restriction on the offer to hurry you into making a decision.
The work will normally be done immediately, before the householder changes their mind, and very often any information provided by the workmen (names, addresses, telephone numbers) are false, making them very hard to trace.
How to protect yourself from bogus traders:
don’t be forced into making a quick decision on the doorstep
get at least three quotes from local reputable companies who have reputations to maintain, and if possible seek recommendations
only deal with firms with genuine verifiable telephone numbers and addresses – beware of companies that only use mobile phone numbers and accommodation addresses
anyone who signs a contract on the door step following a visit that was not arranged (unsolicited) does have 7 days in which to cancel it by law
all cancellation rights must be provided in writing to the customer at the time the contract is agreed, usually on the doorstep – it is an offence not to do so
if you don’t want to speak to the trader don’t open your door to them – it can be hard to distinguish the good traders from the cowboys so it might be easier to keep the door closed
do not allow uninvited callers into your home
refuse to be taken to the bank to withdraw money – if you ever feel intimidated by them, close the door and call the police. Kind Regards Fiona Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team

Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Briefing 2nd – 9th June 2017
Crime Trends Abbeydore An outbuilding at an isolated property was entered overnight on Sunday 4th/Monday 5th June and several items were stolen including a Husqvana chainsaw, a Stihl strimmer and a hedge trimmer
Incident ref 77-s-050617
A BMC Race Machine RM01 road bike with a black Ritchie saddle and shimano dura ace pedals was stolen from a workshop in the garden of a property in the village at about 5am today (Friday 9th June). The owner’s dogs started barking but by the time they went to investigate they heard a vehicle driving away. Also taken were a Honda strimmer and a Stihl chainsaw. Below is a picture of a similar bike Incident ref 80-s-090617

Clehonger Once again the primary school has been broken into and damage caused to doors at the premises, this happened sometime over the half term break. A child’s bicycle was thrown into the wildlife pond, along with a metal sign belonging to the school. Nothing was taken on this occasion. If you live in the village and are aware of anyone on the site when they shouldn’t be, please call 101 and report it Incident ref 67-s-050617
Between 2pm and 4pm on Wednesday 6th June, a house in Poplar Road was burgled. The offenders gained entry through a downstairs front window which had been jemmied open, and an untidy search was made of the entire house. Money and jewellery were taken.
A neighbour reports seeing a white BMW saloon in the area with tinted windows, it sped off from the area at around 2.30pm Incident reference 531-s-070617
Ewyas Harold A vehicle parked at the end of a residential drive on the Pontrilas Road was damaged between Saturday 3rd June and Tuesday 6th June; scratches and dents were left on the driver’s door and the rear nearside wing Incident ref 343-s-060617
A house in the village near the Pontrilas Road was burgled sometime between Monday 5th June and Friday 9th June whilst the occupants were away. The offenders climbed over a side gate and broke wooden panels in a rear door to gain entry. An untidy search was made and it isn’t yet known what was taken Incident ref 223-s-090617
Kerry’s Gate Two large 47kg bottles of calor gas were stolen from an outbuilding at an isolated property sometime between Sunday 3rd/ Wednesday 6th June Incident ref 456-s-080617
Madley Wooden buildings at the Madley Environmental Study Centre in Stoney Street were broken into overnight on Monday 4th/Tuesday 5th June and again on the following night, and several cash tins containing money were stolen – please keep your eyes open for the empty tins as they will probably have been discarded nearby Incident ref 145-s-060617
Peterchurch An elderly resident from Wellbrookside was visited at 2.30pm on Wednesday 7th June by two males in their early 20’s claiming to be from
The Water Board’, telling her there had been an explosion in the village affecting the water supply, and they needed to check all her water pipes. They came into her kitchen and one of the males wanted to look under the sink, the other made to go into the rest of the house.
Fortunately, the lady wasn’t taken in by their story and told them she would call her brother to come round to see them. At this point they left, no car was seen or heard, and it isn’t known which direction they went.
They were both in their early 20’s with slight Irish accents, one was wearing a baseball cap and had a blue check shirt on. At least one of them was wearing black gloves Incident ref 526-s-070617
Scams We are receiving a number of calls from concerned residents reporting multiple calls from persons purporting to be from the HMRC. The general theme is that answerphone messages are left asking the resident to phone a number back immediately or be threatened with legal action. If the number is phoned, someone tells the resident that they have defaulted on their tax and asks them to pay a (large) sum of money, threatening the resident that they will have their possessions removed and face arrest. The conversations are a more in depth than my wording and can be very convincing, enough to cause alarm and concern.
Please be advised this is another scam along the HMRC theme. The perpetrators continually tweak the theme, enough to scare and frighten some people. If you receive such phone calls delete the message, do not phone the number given; if you answer such a call hang up, do not divulge personal information. Please be vigilant to this, keep an eye on anyone who may perhaps be convinced by this as the callers persist by leaving multiple messages.

Good News The large metal box stolen from Clodock Church has been found in woodland near Abergavenny, along with most of the registers although unfortunately they were not left in the box and have become very damp. They have been returned to the church and specialist help will be sought to ensure the records are saved.
Found Bike The bike pictured below was found near a farm in Clehonger – if you know who it belongs to, please get in touch.

Mobile phones We are now in receipt of our new phones, so please note the new numbers below, the old number is no longer in use and there’s an answerphone message on there giving our new numbers. Can I remind you however that these phones are not monitored when we are off duty so only leave non urgent messages.
The phones are smartphones and we can use them to check our work e-mails, look at incident logs, write reports and many other things that we’d normally have to come back to the station for. Of course, we need 4g or Wifi to do this so we might be seen in a café or somewhere similar using our phones – so if you do see us – we are working and not on Facebook or playing games (honest!) Kind Regards Fiona Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team

Planning Information Received after the Information Sheet was printed
9th October 2013 Application No 132707
Land adjoining Hawthorn Rise, Peterchurch, Hereford
Site for the erection of up to 89 dwellings including affordable housing.
Construction of vehicular access and other associated works and garage
Planning Permission Granted 14th June 2017

11th January 2017 Application No 164039
Pear Tree Cottage, Fine Street, Peterchurch, Hereford HR2 0SN
Proposed barn conversion to residential use and proposed detached double garage
Application Type Planning Permission
Planning Permission Granted 14th June 2017

May 2017 HM Land Registry
Current Title Plan – HE35988
Property boundary adjacent to the highway

Councillor Mr Brendan C Treanor read the Neighbourhood Development Plan Hearing Questions

12.0 Matters Relayed to the Clerk for Agenda of the next meeting
To review play area signage
Alcohol Orders and Dog Orders
Litter Orders investigated
£40.00 War Memorial
Church Road – Hinton
Hinton – Bridge impassable
Traffic Management – Hedges
NDP Hearing update

13.0 Confirmation of the Next Meeting Date, Time and Venue
The next meeting will be the Ordinary Parish Meeting and is to be held on Tuesday 18th July 2017 in the Peterchurch Village Hall and is to commence at 7.00pm
NB Next Finance Working Group Meeting to be held on Friday 14th July 2017 at 7.00pm
in the Peterchurch Village Hall

14.0 Parish Council Clerk’s Annual Performance & Salary Review
Resolved:- that this item be held in closed session

All public and the Clerk left the meeting room
The Parish Council resolved by majority to approve the Clerk’s contracted annual 1 place incremental increase to SCP31.

Meeting declared closed at 9.20 pm