Minutes – 19th October 2021

Minutes of an Ordinary Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/162 held in the village hall on

Tuesday 19th October 2021 at 19.00 hrs.




Councillors David Morgan, Brendan Treanor, Anna Coda, John Burgess, Johnny Scrimgeour, Robert Metcalfe, Emma Thacker-Vuts, Samantha Metcalfe[1] and Isabelle Watkins.


In attendance…. Allan Gibbs and Greg Warwick (Footpath Officers), PCSO Pete Knight, Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk) and two residents.


  1. Co-Option of A New Parish Councillor – Isabelle Watkins was formally co-opted onto the Parish Council and signed her acceptance of office form.


  1. Apologies for absence – None.


  1. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests – None


  1. Minutes of previous meetings held on 23rd September 2021 and 13th October 2021- It was RESOLVED to adopt both sets of minutes as a true record, and these were signed by the Chairman.


  1. To Review Resolutions reached at the meeting of the 23rd September 2021 – The Clerk provided a brief update on the resolutions from the previous meeting. It was noted that blocked drains outside the “Food for Thought” restaurant and the shop were missing from the action log. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk reports these issues to Balfour Beatty together with a similar problem at Church Road plus a blocked culvert close to Urishay Castle.


  1. Open session
    • To receive a report from West Mercia Police – In his report PCSO Pete Knight raised the following issues:
      • Little reported crime during the previous month but there is graffiti on the garages at Closure Place and anyone with knowledge of the issue should contact the local police.
      • Only a handful of motorists found to be travelling in excess of the speed limit during a programme of speed enforcement undertaken over several days and at different times.
      • Keen for more residents to “sign up” to the Neighbourhood Matters initiative.
      • A limited supply of catalytic converter marking kits are available and anyone interested in acquiring one should contact the local police.
    • To receive a report from the Ward Councillor – Ward Councillor Hewitt was unable to attend the meeting.
    • To receive views from local residents on parish matters – No issues were raised.


  1. Footpaths – The report produced by both Footpaths Officers had already been circulated to Councillors. Other issues raised included a stile at St Peter Well remains in a dangerous condition. Allan Gibbs referred to a damaged gate close to Wellbrook Manor which Councillor Scrimgeour has agreed to repair. It was RESOLVED that Allan Gibbs gathers some examples of guides/brochures that could be used to advertise local walks noting there will be a nominal cost. It was also suggested that when available the guides are sold in the local shop.


  1. PlanningTo comment on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council – No applications were received this month.


  1. Finance
    • The current bank balances are:
      • Business Bank Instant account … £55,314.11
      • Treasurers Account … £13,747.80
    • It was RESOLVED to make the following payments:
      • Clerk’s salary (September 2021) in accordance with his employment contract.
      • PAYE (September 2021) – £137.20.
      • Postage – £7.92
      • Clerk’s Travel Costs -£10.80
      • Countrywide Maintenance – £223.99
      • Village Hall Hire – £30.00
      • Playground Inspection – £63.40
      • Lengthsman – £182.00
    • Financial Monitoring 2020/21 – The Clerk reported that based on the current and predicted spend it is anticipated that the reserves at year end will be in the region of £46k net of the ring-fenced Peterchurch Sports Fund (£10.5k).
    • Insurance – Following discussion, it was RESOLVED that the insurance policy be adjusted to cover the play equipment noting the annual premium will increase by £140.10. Councillor Scrimgeour mentioned that, as the play equipment gets older, it will be necessary to consider a plan for replacing the kit noting that a “like for like” replacement would cost circa £132k. Councillor Watkins mentioned that grant funding is available for playground equipment. Councillor Scrimgeour also referred to the recent inspection of the playground equipment noting all the observations were at low to medium risk. Work is in hand to rectify issues identified in the report where it is considered practicable or necessary to do so.


  1. Future Parish Council Objectives – Councillor Scrimgeour provided a visual demonstration of how it is expected that parishioners will contribute to the public consultation on the Parish Council objectives due to take place on the 5th and 6th November 2021. Underpinning each of the key objectives will be a series of action plans which parishioners will be invited to prioritise and there will be the opportunity to suggest different action plans. A summary of the feedback collected during the public consultation will be presented to the Parish Council during the meeting in November 2021. Councillor Thacker-Vuts added that at least two Parish Councillors should be present at all times during the two days which will require a commitment from fellow Councillors to attend at some point during the event. There was discussion over the proposed article to be published in the Golden Valley News and Councillors suggested some changes to the draft circulated by Councillor Scrimgeour. It is also planned to advertise the public consultation through a leaflet drop to each householder in the parish. Councillor Treanor advised that whilst no Covid 19 precautions will be mandated Councillor Thacker-Vuts suggested that it will be important to provide sanitisers and ensure good ventilation in the hall and, if asked, Councillors wear a mask.


  1. Highways – With reference to the recent TRACSIS speed survey Councillor Samantha Metcalfe commented that speeding traffic was generally confined to the ends of the village. It was agreed that no further substantive action arising from the survey be taken until the results of the public consultation are known. Councillors highlighted that part of the highway is badly in need of resurfacing particularly the stretch of road from the Industrial Estate to the Fire Station and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk brings this to the attention of the Locality Steward.


  1. Playing Field – Councillor Robert Metcalfe reported that there was a significant amount of rubbish in the playing field and whilst there was discussion on placing a bin inside the park Councillors did not consider this would resolve the problem. Councillor Burgess updated the meeting on the application submitted to Herefordshire Council for grant funding which, if successful, will be used to procure gym equipment in the playing field. Councillor Burgess added that Herefordshire Council has been inundated with applications and there is no guarantee that the Parish Council’s request for funding will be successful either in full or part. If funding does become available Councillor Burgess explained that, under current regulations, it will be a requirement for the gym kit to be at least 25 metres from the children’s play equipment or separated by a fence.


  1. Peterchurch Sports Fund – Councillor Treanor reported £1361.81 has now been transferred from the NS&I into the Parish Council bank account. The total available to fund sports facilities is now £10, 548.40 but Councillor Treanor added that no further monies are expected to be identified. There was discussion on how the funding could be spent and it was noted that opportunities to use the money may arise if a sports field becomes available as a result of the Section 106 agreement linked to the development of 89 houses in the parish. The Chairman added that Fairfield School are in the process of purchasing a field close to the school and it has been suggested by the head teacher that it could be made available to the local community as a football pitch or something similar. Councillor Thacker-Vuts made the point that the public consultation will provide a clearer idea of what facilities local people want.


  1. Safeguarding Policy & Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy – It was RESOLVED to adopt both sets of policy.


  1. Herefordshire Local Plan – Pre-Consultation Engagement – It was agreed that a review of the existing local plan/core strategy will be required in order to offer a meaningful response to the Herefordshire Council’s survey. As this will be a significant level of work it was RESOLVED to form a working group to progress this issue and submit a proposed response for Parish Council consideration in December 2021. Councillors Scrimgeour and Watkins agreed to join the working group with Councillors Coda, Thacker-Vuts and Burgess possibly joining them if other commitments allow.


  1. Usage of Parish Council Carpark – Councillors are aware that a camper van occasionally parks overnight in the Parish Council carpark and there is concern over evidence of “dirty” water being expelled from the van onto the car park. It was RESOLVED that the concerns of the Parish Council be communicated to the local police.



  1. Queen’s Canopy – Councillor Thacker-Vuts provided a brief overview of the Queen’s Canopy initiative and recommended that any decision to proceed could wait until the results of the public consultation are known.


  1. Clerk Correspondence – The clerk correspondence received this month raised the following issues:
    • A resident has made enquiries about the accessibility to the defibrillator positioned outside the doctors’ surgery. Councillors believed that access is only possible through a 999 call to the emergency services. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk establishes the current procedure through liaison with ex Councillor Richard Gaze as necessary.
    • A resident provided notice that a permissive path from the old station to Hinton bridge will be temporarily closed to allow the removal of diseased trees.


  1. Matters for the next meeting:
    • Public Consultation
    • Grant application



The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.55

[1] Councillor Samantha Metcalfe left the meeting at 20.05hrs

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