MINUTES – 19th MAY 2020

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/142 held on
Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 19.00 hrs via Zoom

Councillors David Morgan, Brendan Treanor, Anna Coda, John Burgess, Richard Gaze, Johnny Scrimgeour and Maria Duggan.

In attendance…. Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt and Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk)

1. Apologies for absence – Councillor Robert Metcalfe.

2. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests – None

3. Election of Chairman – Councillor David Morgan was nominated by Councillor Gaze and seconded by Councillor Scrimgeour and was duly elected.

4. Election of Vice Chairman – Councillor Brendan Treanor was nominated by Councillor Duggan and seconded by Councillor Coda and was duly elected.

5. Minutes of previous meeting … 17th March 2020
5.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record. The minutes will be signed by the Chairman in due course.

6. Open session
6.1 Councillor Burgess reported that he has been contacted by a resident regarding a fence that has been erected by the old police station. During discussion it was noted that the property owner has erected a fence for reasons of privacy which does not need planning permission but has left the permissive pathway in place.
6.2 Councillor Duggan reported that residents in the village have acquired some land at Crossways which they would like it to be used for the benefit of the community of Peterchurch. The residents would like to explore possible uses of the land through a participatory process and will be invited to offer some broad proposals to the next meeting of the Parish Council.
6.3 Following a request from Councillor Burgess it was RESOLVED that the Clerk uses the Parish Council website to advertise where people can drop off provisions for the food bank.

7. Covid 19 Crisis – Councillor Duggan reported that the system in Peterchurch is working well and thanked Councillor Scrimgeour for the donation of visors which will be useful in the autumn. Councillor Duggan also referred to Peterchurch Unlocked project through which the Hub, Village Hall and Diocese are inviting residents, as part of the transition from the lockdown, to provide artwork to be presented in the church and village hall and asked if the Parish Council would wish to sponsor the initiative. Councillor Duggan mentioned that there is a hardship fund and is drawing up policy guidelines which will be circulated to the Parish Council. Residents in need of assistance should contact the Hub helpline which is available on the Parish Council website.

Councillor Duggan suggested that the Parish Council might wish to work with partners to build some resilience as part of the transition from Covid 19 in areas such as economic, cultural and social wellbeing. It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council, working with partners, should produce a vision for post Covid 19 and to initiate this work it was RESOLVED for the Clerk to organise a Zoom meeting to kick start this process.

Ward Councillor Hewitt reported that there has been a relatively low prevalence of the virus across the county but recent reports suggest there is an increase in cases in the area and there is deep concern over the impact of the disease in care homes.

8. Ward Councillor Report – Ward Councillor Hewitt reported on the following key issues:
8.1 Planning Consultation – 201441 – Ward Councillor Hewitt had offered a response to the LPA commenting that the reports underpinning the application were out of date. Councillor Treanor commented that at the time of the original application in 2014 the developer was proposing to provide circa £640k which included £349k to the local schools and £182k for transport and infrastructure but the Parish Council believed there would be a need to renegotiate the terms with the new owners.
8.2 Bus Services in Peterchurch. Yeomans have agreed to introduce a weekly Thursday service from Hereford to Hay-on-Wye until Stagecoach reintroduce their services which is unlikely to happen until September 2020.
8.3 Peterchurch Primary School – No children from Year R will be returning to school in June 2020 and only 3 children from Year 1 will return. Only 2 children from Year 6 will return.

9. Planning – To comment on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council.
9.1 – Planning Consultation – 201379 – Westfields House, Peterchurch, Hereford,
Herefordshire HR2 0SL. Proposed two storey extension to rear. Following discussion, it was
agreed to support the application and it was RESOLVED to advise the LPA accordingly.

9.2 – Planning Consultation – 201441 – Dev1 Land Adjoining Hawthorn Rise Erection of 89
New Dwellings, Hawthorn Rise, Peterchurch – Proposed Erection of Up to 89 Dwellings
(35% Affordable Housing). Construction of New Vehicular Access and Associated Works.
Councillors discussed the application at length and there was strong support for the inclusion of 35
affordable houses as part of the development. Councillors, however, highlighted a number of concerns
especially over the fact that the reports and studies underpinning the proposals are out of date and will
need to be revisited especially those dealing with ecology, environment and transport. Councillors saw
real benefit in a holistic approach in assessing the impact of the development and this will invariably
include health, social and education dimension. Councillors were also disappointed that the planning
application did not say anything about building quality or standards in respect of energy efficiency, high
insulation, use of solar panels & community- generated electricity etc. It was RESOLVED that in responding
to the LPA the Clerk covers the key points offered by Councillors during the discussion.

10. Finance…
10.1 The bank balances as at 30th April 2020
10.1.1 Business Bank Instant account … £28,628.18
10.1.2 Treasurers Account … £19,709.91
10.2 Councillor Burgess raised the issue of a CCTV survey of the drains in the village which has been discussed in previous meetings. The Chairman reported that Balfour Beatty have subsequently confirmed that they have already undertaken this work. Councillor Scrimgeour commented that the drains on Stockley Hill have not been cleared but added that he had spoken to the landowner who has agreed to channel away the water to alleviate flooding on the road. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk approaches the Locality Steward for an update on the recent drainage survey.
10.3 End of Year (2019/20) Financial Position. The Clerk reported that there was an underspend of £6.5k leading to overall reserves of circa £38k.

11. Bus Services Serving Peterchurch – This issue had been discussed earlier in the meeting but at the suggestion of Ward Councillor Hewitt it was RESOLVED that the Clerk to Herefordshire Council(John Harrington) ask that a daily bus service be made available to facilitate people’s return to work. Councillor Duggan also suggested that residents should be surveyed to establish a needs assessment of parishioners for a bus service which the Hub is content to launch. It was RESOLVED that, once produced by the Hub, the questionnaire be published on the Parish Council website.

12. Extension to the Car Park – Councillor Scrimgeour presented his paper outlining the options and costs of extending the car park. Two options are available both of which will double the number of spaces to 22 including a disabled space. A small part of the playground will be sacrificed but would allow a redesign of the area. No planning permission is required to undertake the extension of the car park. Ward Councillor Hewitt raised an issue of child safety in and around the car park and it was agreed that the redesign should include an access down one side to allow safe passage to the playground. There was a brief discussion on the possible availability of grants to support the procurement of new play equipment and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk provide details of potential sources of funding. It was RESOLVED that Councillor Scrimgeour proceed with the project but would need to acquire three quotations before any work is authorised. Councillor Scrimgeour hoped to have the quotations and a plan of the redesigned playground in time for the next meeting.

13. Adoption of Co-option Policy – It was RESOLVED to adopt the Co-option Policy and it was further RESOLVED that the Clerk would forward the application form to the individual who had expressed interest in joining the Parish Council.

14. Clerk’s Correspondence – The only correspondence received focused on the bus service issue which had been addressed during an earlier part of the meeting. Councillor Gaze mentioned a blocked drain between Princes Orchard and an adjoining close. Councillor Gaze to provide the name of the precise location of the drain.

15. To Note Information Items – The Chairman suggested that a lengthsman schedule be drawn up to allow the maintenance of the drains in the village. Councillor Treanor mentioned that it had been previously discussed to ask the lengthsman to clear the gutter in the village. The Clerk suggested holding a meeting of the lengthsman working group to draw up an action plan.

16. Matters raised for the next meeting – None were raised.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.00 hrs

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