Minutes – 18th June 2019


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/134 held on
Tuesday 18th June 2019 at 19.00 hrs in the Village Hall

Councillors David Morgan, Brendan Treanor, Robert Metcalfe, John Scrimgeour, Anna Coda and John Burgess.

In attendance…. Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt, PCSO Peter Knight and two members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence – Richard Gaze.

2. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

2.1 No declarations were submitted.
3. Minutes of previous meeting … 21st May 2019.
3.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record. The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

4. Open session
4.1 West Mercia Police…PCSO Knight reported that there had been very little crime in the area since the last meeting but highlighted the need for residents to be wary of courier fraud which has led to individuals handing over substantial sums of money. He highlighted the importance of never divulging personal information over the telephone. PCSO Knight also mentioned a HVOSS outreach pilot initiative aimed at 11-18 year olds which will be held in July 2019 and will include sessions on a variety of topics including crime prevention. It was noted that PC Roger Bradley is due to retire in August and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would write thanking him for his service to the Peterchurch community during his service with the Police. PCSO Knight also updated the meeting on the latest regarding the “abandoned” car at Hinton whereby the vehicle owner had been spoken to but further action will be taken in order that the car is removed.

4.2 Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt provided a summary of the key challenges and priorities of the new Herefordshire Council commenting specifically on her commitment to sustainable green solutions to pollution problems rather than the western by-pass which she opposes. Ward Councillor Hewitt was briefed on some of the difficulties that the Parish Council had experienced with Herefordshire Council in the past especially around the issue of Vehicle Activated Signs and Countdown signs. There was discussion on the B4348 project which had involved the previous Ward Councillor and was RESOLVED that the clerk would liaise with both Ward Councillor Hewitt and Dorstone Parish Council to assess how the latest Balfour Beatty schedule correlated with the recommendation in the B4348 project plan.
4.3 Lengthsman Report – The Clerk confirmed that the Lengthsman had been asked to clear the culvert at Bufton’s garage but a resident reported that the landowner has already undertaken this work. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would ask the Lengthsman to remove rubbish adjacent to the village signs and tidy up Church Road.
4.4 Local Residents’ Issues
4.4.1 A resident reported that an event to be held at the Hub on the 28th June 2019 beginning at 18.00hrs is likely to attract 100 people.
4.4.2 A resident reported that Countrywide Maintenance staff leave their work signs at the edge of the village and were parking their vehicle at the narrowest part of Mowbage Lane making access difficult. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would contact Countrywide Maintenance bringing both issues to their attention asking them to take remedial action.
4.4.3 A resident reported an overhanging tree in a property in the village which was obscuring the speed sign and bus stop. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would acquire the name and address of the property owner and write asking them if they would be receptive to the Parish Council cutting back the tree.

5. Planning…
5.1 Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council – no planning applications were submitted.
6. Finance…
6.1 The Chairman signed Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement 2018/19 and Section 2 – Accounting Statements 2018/19.
6.2 The bank balances as at 3rd June 2019:
6.2.1 Business Bank Instant account … £35,950.98
6.2.2 Treasurers Account … £1,803.20
6.3 It was RESOLVED to make the following payments
6.3.1 Village Hall Hire – £30.00
6.3.2 Clerk’s salary as per employment contract
6.3.3 Postage – £7.32
6.3.4 Stationery – £26.16
6.3.5 Travel – £18.00
6.3.6 PAYE – £87.60
6.4 The clerk reported that a meeting of the Finance Working Group had taken place on the 12th June 2019 during which the asset register had been reviewed and updated which, in turn, affected the insurance policy cover. As a result, the insurance company had advised that the premium had reduced by circa £100 and a refund was due.

7. Highways …The Clerk reported that the Locality Steward had confirmed that work to clear the culvert at Cheshire Turn had been logged by Balfour Beatty.

8. Traffic Related Issues in the Village- No specific issues were raised.

9. Footpaths – Councillor Robert Metcalfe reported that the footpath from Chapel Lane to The Wells was overgrown and Pudding Lane needed some attention. Ward Councillor Hewitt agreed to look into the issues affecting both footpaths as it was considered that Balfour Beatty were responsible for their maintenance.

10. Playing Field- Councillor Metcalfe reported an issue with discarded beer bottles and cider cans in the playing field and it was noted that any evidence of the use of alcohol should be reported to the police.

11. Clerk Correspondence

11.1 The clerk highlighted the Verging on Wild (VOW) initiative through which the Parish Council is invited to write to Balfour Beatty asking that in order to enhance biodiversity that roadside verges are only cut once per year in the late summer/early autumn. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to Balfour Beatty signalling the support of the Parish Council to this initiative.
11.2 The clerk reported that a resident of Golden Valley North has put forward a proposal regarding re-designating the 2 B roads through the Golden Valley as green routes and would like to discuss his initiative with relevant parish councils. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would approach the resident concerned for further information on the scheme before any invitation is extended to a future Parish Council meeting.

12. Matters raised for the next meeting on Tuesday 16th July 2019 – None

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.40 hrs

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