Minutes 18th April 2017

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of Peterchurch Parish Council
held at The Peterchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 18th April 2017

No PPC/MW/108
Councillors Present
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman
Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church
Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe
Councillor Mr B C Treanor

Clerk Mr M Walker

Also Present
Golden Valley North Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price and seven further members of the public

The Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council was formally opened
by the Chairman at 7.00pm
1.0 Apologies for Absence
Apologies received and accepted from Councillor Mr D Morgan and Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths and PCSO Fiona Witcher from the Police not present

2.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
2.1 To receive any declarations of interest in agenda items from Councillors
Declarations of interest were made by Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
a Non DPI reference Item 10.2

2.2 To consider any written applications for dispensation
There were no written requests for dispensation

3.0 Minutes
The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting No PPC/MW/107 held on Tuesday
21st March 2017 at 7.00pm were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4.0 To Receive Reports from:-
4.1 Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price
Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price reported on the following:-
“Golden Valley ward report April 2017
My report this month is to take stock of where we are with various projects as April is the month that most villages have annual parish meetings.
Just as I settle down with some notes, I hear that a General Election has been called for June 8th. I’m sure this will be the talking point well into summer and beyond.
Hereford City Link road – The Royal Mail have now moved onto their new parking facility and released the old park to the development of the link road, the road should be completed by the year end.
Enterprise Zone – 7.2 Hectares of land are close to exchange for 3 new businesses to move onto the zone. New businesses have the benefit of reduced planning bureaucracy, high speed broadband and reduced business rates for a number of years.
South Wye Transport package – Having gained planning permission and funding in place, this scheme is now assembling land, initially through negotiation but with compulsory purchase available if necessary. Other package measures will include weight restrictions on the A465 Belmont road and active travel measures for bus, cycling and walking in the area and connecting to the City centre, Rotherwas employment land and Enterprise zone.

Waste Strategy – The joint Waste to Energy plant at Hartlebury with Worcestershire was commissioned on 3rd march and is taking waste from both counties. Reliability testing is in place for 6 months and is working above specification initially. Electricity produced will be fed into the grid and should provide enough power to keep a city the size of Hereford in Electricity. Land fill will be reduced to virtually nil.
Asset disposals – Various properties have now been the subject of disposals and significant progress has been made towards delivering the key MTFS targets for capital receipts.
Nelson House and Elgar House are now renovated and occupied and both came in below budget.
Blueschool House is under restoration and significant extra works have been found to be necessary. A significant overspend against budget is projected but the overall Accommodation Strategy is still at this time within budget.
The former Council offices at Brockington have been sold and planning has been granted for the site to be developed as a care home.
The Smallholdings estate are offered for sale by tender from the end of April.
Devolution – Herefordshire has lodged an application for non-constituent membership of the West Midlands Combined Authority. Further change will be inevitable on policy around this, so we will watch and see how this develops before making further decisions on how Herefordshire may gain devolved powers.
Economic vision – The wider plan for the growth of the County will be launched in the summer with an aim of gaining investment within the County from local, national and global interests. Many local businesses, private and public partners are involved in promoting this at a time that Herefordshire is planning for growth and working alongside the University project.
Broadband – A new contract has just been signed with Gigaclear to reach those harder to reach areas that are outside of the original BT contract. Finance is available for any clusters of businesses that are still not connected.
Performance Indicators – First two bullet points are rated red with others amber.
People killed or seriously injured on roads, currently at 94 with a target of less than 84 – This has risen over the last year.
Average journey time across urban area – target through Hereford at 19 minutes, currently assessed at 22.48 minutes average.
Health and Safety related incidents target <131 – currently stands at 140
New business start-ups at 106 against target of 187
New house registrations for Council tax at 567 in first 10 months with annual target of 700
Council Budget – At year end the overall budget is expected to be an underspend of approx. £250k. With an overall budget spend in excess of £350 million this is good news.
Rural Bus services – Herefordshire Council will retain the current rural bus services for the next three years. Much has been made of the value of these services to residents. This will be under regular review, as at present not only are the services subsidised by the Council to provide the services, The Council has to fund the majority of the cost of bus passes that are used by the majority of users of the services.
Cllr Philip Price Golden Valley North ward member Cabinet member for Infrastructure”

4.2 West Mercia Police
No Police present see Item 11.0

4.3 Update from Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths
Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths not present and report sent by email
“Report – Peterchurch Parish Council
Roads – Scheduled routine maintenance programme has been completed for the 2016/17 year during which the team were able to familiarise themselves with the area and have identified the hot spots which will regular attention.
The urban areas of the parish mainly within the 30mph area will not need much management as those areas are not likely to be subject to contamination from passing rural traffic however it would help if local resident could refrain from using our drains for disposal points for building waste such as unused plaster and cement.

The rural areas once we have completed clearance of the road culverts and sorted out the roadside drainage should hopefully be managed within the monthly maintenance visit budget once it is set.
We have not had confirmation that BBLP have dealt with the drains issue on the Nags Head to Hinton Green road.
We await confirmation on the roads maintenance budget for the 2017/18 year before we set the schedules.
General Work – Recreation Ground – The first cut has been completed this having to be done with the flail mower on a cut and collect operation due to the heavy infestation of mole hills which would have been damaging to the rotary mowers.
We will have to arrange attendance by our mole man if these visitors are still active.
The area at one of the goalmouths has been infilled with topsoil and will be seeded on our next visit.
Play Area – First cut completed as a light top cut as this area is likely to be subject to heavy wear and we want the grass to harden up as we mow it.
Helpful if the users would make use of the litter bin especially for the soft drink cans as they are also damaging to the rotary mower.
Village upkeep (verges) The first cut and collect visit is scheduled the 18-04-17 to match up with our next visit to the recreation ground and play area.
P3 – The location checks visit with the Locality Steward has been completed along with visits to maintain road access points.
Two maintenance visits have been completed and one repair visit is scheduled all to be dated for March 2017.
As there is likely to be a balance available on the grant does the council wish us to provide proforma worksheets etc. to draw the funds before the cut-off date for invoices 2016/17 year?
Terry Griffiths Parish Lengthsman”

Parish Lengthsman Contract between Herefordshire Council and the Parish Council for
2017-2018 signed by Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman and Clerk Mr M Walker

4.4 To receive any relevant Highway Reports
Request Balfour Beatty to sweep road down to Fairfield School

5.0 Future Educational Facilities for Peterchurch
Letter received from Herefordshire Council dated 13th April 2017
Nothing new to report, let the process continue – watching brief

6.0 Public Question Time
Designated maximum period of 10 minutes for public questions to the Parish Council
Q Member of the public stated that parking outside the Almshouses and on Church Road was a problem especially for the elderly residents and emergency services
A The Parish Council decided to put an item in their Newsletter and the local Parish Magazine

Q Member of the public asked about a Draft Minutes response to the Schools and children walking to Schools
A Options not yet explored

Q Member of the public asked about obtaining extra Street Lamps in the village
A After the Street Lighting Surveys no more street lamps would be erected by the Parish Council

Clerk instructed to pursue Mr Andy Hough reference School Crossing Patrol
cc to Herefordshire Council, Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price, Schools and Jesse Norman MP

Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman reported on the Church Public Meeting. Regarding the proposed changes to create a Hub, the Café is operational as is the Food Assembly – Good Neighbour Scheme based at the centre and operated by the two staff members as well as help it offers local transport from home to shop/doctors or Hub etc. The Library will stay in the bell tower but some books on the local area and children’s are proposed to move down to an area displaying local history and culture. St Peters Centre operates totally independently of the Church so does not add to or rely on funds from the Church.
7.0 Financial Report
7.1 Confirmation of Bank Balances
Bank Balances as per Statements
@ 3rd April 2017 Lloyds Business Bank Instant Access Account £24,621.24
Bank Statement No 13
Bank Reconciliation to agree with Bank Statement
dated 03/04/2017 £24,621.24

@ 4th April 2017 Lloyds Treasurers Account £4,178.17
Bank Statement No 20

@ 4th April 2017 Lloyds Treasurers Account £4,482.77
End of Financial Year 31st March 2017 Bank Statement No 20
Bank Reconciliation to agree with
End of Financial Year 31st March 2017 Bank Statement No 20
dated 04/04/2017 £4,482.77

7.2 Receipts
No receipts received

7.3 Payments for Approval
Herefordshire Council Invoice No 91162970 £1,609.67
Parish Recharges for the Peterchurch Election 25th February 2016
Cheque 000907
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC2017 Road Account £458.40
Work sheet posted on Peterchurch Parish Council Website
Cheque 000908
Cartridge People Invoice No GB170323-LA1912528-1 £17.39
Ink cartridges for printer
Reimbursement to Clerk
*Joint Cheque 000909
Cartridge People Invoice No GB170323-LA1912528-2 £11.58
Ink cartridges for printer
Reimbursement to Clerk
*Joint Cheque 000909
BT British Telecommunications plc Invoice No M004M9 01981 551162 £120.00
Transparency Grant for Broadband Peterchurch Village Hall
Cheque 000910
Peterchurch Village Hall Invoice No 10 £30.00
17th March 2017 7.00pm-8.00pm, 21st March 2017 7.00pm-9.00pm
Cheque 000911
WordPress.com £22.00
Domain Registration peterchurchparishcouncil.org until May 9th 2018
Reimbursement to Clerk
Cheque 000912
Clerk’s Salary April 2017 Gross £593.40
Vehicle expenses £23.40
Postage £6.47
Computer Software £28.80
Stationery & Consumables £2.75
TAX £111.60 NIC £0.00
Cheque 000913

All payments were Unanimously Approved

7.4 VAT Refund Claim
VAT Claim submitted to HMR&C but not yet received 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017 £2,894.76

8.0 Speed Indicating Devices (SIDs)
To receive update from Councillor Mr Philip Price with regards to provision of VAS Signage on the B4348
No further update as yet. Councillor Mr Philip Price to investigate further

9.0 Code of Conduct Consultation
To consider proposed Code of Conduct Consultation
The Parish Council resolved “No Comment”

10.0 Planning Applications for Consideration
10.1 Application No 170853 Salt Box Barn, Wellbrook Barn Farm, Peterchurch Hereford HR2 0ST
OS 336548, 238711 New workshop
“The Parish Council considered the application at their meeting held on the 18th April 2017
Resolved by majority to support the application with the caveat that the workshop is solely for
domestic use and not for commercial purposes.”

10.2 Application No171111 47 Closure Place, Peterchurch Hereford HR2 0RS
OS 336548, 238711 Proposed erection of one dwelling. Construction of amended vehicular access
and associated works
“Concern was raised by a number of residents at that meeting about the visual impact of the proposal,
especially as the project has already been constructed to roof height.
The Parish Council consider that the proposal is neither required or appropriate with such a large
number of properties already having received planning permission which far exceeds the required
housing allocation for the area.
Resolved:- Unanimously not to support the application”

11.0 For Information Only Sheet
Sheet to include update on previous action points and a list of correspondence received
Planning Information
8th September 2016 Application No 162784
Land at Dorefield House, Crossways, Peterchurch, Herefordshire
Proposed erection of one dwelling and garage
Application Refused 28th November 2016
The development proposal is contrary to Policy P6 of the
Peterchurch Neighbourhood Development Plan
An Appeal had been made to the Secretary of State reference Refusal of Planning Permission
All representations to be received by 2nd January 2017
Appeal Upheld – Planning Permission Granted 6th March 2017

13th January 2017 Application No 164039
Pear Tree Cottage, Fine Street, Peterchurch, Hereford HR2 0SN
Proposed barn conversion to residential use and proposed detached double garage
Application Type Planning Permission
Planning Application Still Valid

23rd February 2017 Application No 170614
Hedgerows at Lower Park Wood, Vowchurch, Hereford HR2 0RJ
Proposed removal of two sections of hedgerow
Application Type Hedgerow Removal
Planning Application Still Valid

21st March 2017 Pave Your Way
Thank you email for quotation

21st March 2017 G M Joyce
Thank you email for quotation

Correspondence Received
16th March 2017 Letter from Warwickshire and West Mercia
Local Community Payback Project
Information Update
19th January 2017 Letter sent to Mr D Ravenscroft reference land at Old Railway Sidings
Reply still awaited

30th January 2017 Letter sent to Mr Martin Smith reference parking on chevrons
Reply still awaited

Golden Valley locality reports see Website

Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Briefings see Website

Information received from Herefordshire Council reference – Precept
“I can confirm that the information detailed on the annual demand notice is correct as stated.
Whilst we appreciate that there has not been an increase in the amount of precept requested by Peterchurch Parish Council for this year, with the amount for 2017/18 remaining the same as 2016/17 at £18,660; there has been a change in the number of Band D equivalent eligible properties.
In 2016/17, there were 391.75 Band D equivalent eligible properties which, when the total precept requirement of £18,660 is divided amongst them, resulted in £47.63 being charged to each property. For 2017/18, there has been a reduction in the number of these properties to 381.88, due to an increase in the number of discounts/exemptions awarded, so the precept requirement of the Parish has had to be divided between a lower number of properties, resulting in a charge to each property of £48.86, an increase of 2.6% on the £47.63.
I hope that this resolves your query. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me. Senior Development & Billing Team Leader Herefordshire Council”

Play equipment repairs to be actioned by Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman,
Councillor Mr R Gaze and Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe

12.0 Matters Relayed to the Clerk for Agenda of the next meeting
Balfour Beatty to sweep roads
HALC Subscription for 2017-2018
Speed Indicating Devices (SIDs)
Hedge Wellbrookside
Hedge Closure Place
Derelict House

13.0 Confirmation of the Next Meeting Date, Time and Venue
The next meeting will be the Annual Parish Meeting and is to be held on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 in the Peterchurch Village Hall and is to commence at 7.00pm followed on completion by the Annual Meeting of Peterchurch Parish Council

NB Next Finance Working Group Meeting to be held on Friday 19th May 2017 at 7.00pm
in the Peterchurch Village Hall

Meeting declared closed at 8.45 pm