Minutes – 17th September 2019


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/135 held on
Tuesday 17th September 2019 at 19.00 hrs in the Village Hall

Councillors David Morgan, Brendan Treanor, Robert Metcalfe, John Scrimgeour and Anna Coda.

In attendance…. Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt, and five members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence – Richard Gaze and John Burgess

2. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

2.1 No declarations were submitted.
3. Minutes of previous meeting … 16th July 2019.
3.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record. The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

4. Election Expenses – The Chairman reminded Councillors that if any had yet to submit their election expenses return to Hereford Council should do so immediately. A copy of the relevant form was included in their information packs.

5. Open session
5.1 West Mercia Police…No representative was able to attend
5.2 Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt had previously circulated a written report which is attached to the minutes.
5.3 Residents’ Issues
5.3.1 Speeding traffic is a problem at the Hay on Wye end of the village. This issue will be covered at the meeting arranged to discuss the B4348 project on the 24th September 2019.
5.3.2 Issues around parking in Church Road was discussed and it was acknowledged that there is a high demand for parking spaces in the car park. Although Councillors were unable to verify if parking charges apply to residents who live in Lower Bazley it was suggested that, if true, this might explain why some park their vehicles elsewhere. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would establish who owns the properties in Lower Bazley and confirm if parking charges apply.
5.3.3 Vehicles parking on double yellow lines on the B4348 between the ‘Food for Thought’ restaurant and the Post Office is a problem. It was RESOLVED that the clerk bring this to the attention of the police.
5.3.4 The poor state of repair of the Old Tay road was also discussed. This issue has been included on the agenda for the meeting with Hereford Council on Tuesday 24th September 2019.
5.3.5 Surface water remains a problem on Stockley Hill and Cheshire Turn and Ward Councillor Hewitt agreed to report both issues to the Locality Steward. It was also suggested by a resident that the Locality Steward is questioned about the Engineer Report into Long Lane.
5.3.6 The Chairman asked Ward Councillor Hewitt to establish whether Herefordshire Council holds a £2m budget for pothole repairs and, of so, could she confirm that it hasn’t been diverted to fund other activities.
5.3.7 Councillor Johnny Scrimgeour reminded the Ward Councillor that she was going to discuss with the Locality Steward the arrangements for a village sweep to remove vegetation growing around kerbs. Ward Councillor Hewitt apologised for failing to follow through on this but will now do so.

6. Planning…
6.1 Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council
6.1.1 Planning Consultation – 192807 – Hinton Court Farm, Peterchurch, Hereford, HR2 0SQ. Following discussion, Councillors agreed to support the application and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would inform the LPA accordingly.
6.1.2 Planning Consultation – 192373 – Wellbrook Barn Farm, Peterchurch, Hereford, HR2 0ST – Addition of porch to the front of the property. Councillors had no difficulty with the proposal and agreed to support the application. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would notify the LPA accordingly.
7. Finance…
7.1 The bank balances as at 4th August 2019
7.1.1 Business Bank Instant account … £31,955.53
7.1.2 Treasurers Account … £5,076.12
7.2 It was RESOLVED to make the following payments
7.2.1 Clerk’s contractual expenses – £100.00
7.2.2 Summer Newsletter – £443.49
7.2.3 Komplan – £359.64
7.2.4 DM Payroll Services – £40.50
7.2.5 HALC Internal Audit – £240.00
7.2.6 Village Hall – £40.00
7.2.7 Clerk’s salary as per employment contract
7.2.8 Countrywide Maintenance – £447.98
7.2.9 Stationery – £59.98
7.2.10 Travel – £33.30
7.2.11 PAYE – £175.40
7.3 The clerk provided a written report of a meeting of the Finance Working Group which took place on the 11th September 2019. A further meeting will take place in November to prepare the precept for 2020/21 for presentation to the Parish Council.

8. Highways -There was further brief discussion on the meeting arranged for the 24th September 2019 to consider the B4348 project. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would circulate copy of the report to Councillors in advance of the meeting.

9. Traffic Related Issues in the Village – There was nothing further to add to the previous discussion.

10. Footpaths – Councillor Robert Metcalfe reported a broken stile by the railway line and mentioned that Pudding Lane was overgrown. Ward Councillor Hewitt agreed to raise the issue with the Locality Steward.

11. Playing Field- No major issues to report but Councillor Robert Metcalfe considered that the recent work undertaken by Countrywide Maintenance was not of a sufficiently high standard and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would bring this to their attention.

12. War Memorial – It was RESOLVED that the Clerk would approach the Lengthsman to ask him to keep the grass tidy around the war memorial.

13. Registration of Land Adjoining Station Meadow – The Chairman explained that, as part of the registration of the land adjoining Station Meadow, it had come to light that there had been some encroachment from adjacent properties. After discussion it was agreed that no action would be taken to “recover” the land concerned and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would inform the solicitors accordingly.

14. Standing Order and Financial Regulations – It was RESOLVED that the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations would be adopted.

15. We Don’t Buy Crime/Smart Water Protected Towns and Villages – Councillors agreed that there would be benefit in learning more about the Scheme and it was RESOLVED to invite a representative to a future meeting.

16. Clerk Correspondence

16.1 Road Signage – The clerk reported that a request for a sign to be erected to direct visitors to the Peterchurch surgery has been referred to the Locality Steward. Ward Councillor Hewitt agreed to seek a progress report.
16.2 Fence at Former Police Station – A resident asked if the permissive footpath adjacent to their property could be moved to the boundary with the village hall. Councillor Scrimgeour suggested that they approach Herefordshire Council for pre-planning advice. Councillors agreed to consider the relocation of the noticeboard from its current position and this would be discussed at the next meeting.

17. Matters raised for the next meeting on Tuesday 15th October 2019 – The relocation of the noticeboard from near the village hall.

Confidential Items

18. Prospective New Parish Councillors – Following discussion with Maria Duggan and Martin Wragg it was RESOLVED to extend an invitation to join the Parish Council which they gladly accepted.

19. Employment – It was RESOLVED to increase the clerk’s salary to SCP 25 following acquisition of his CiLCA qualification.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.00hrs

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