Minutes 16th January 2018

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of Peterchurch Parish Council
held at The Peterchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 16th January 2018

No PPC/MW/116

Councillors Present
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman
Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe
Councillor Mr D Morgan (arrived late due to prior commitment)
Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Councillor Mr B C Treanor

Clerk Mr M Walker

Also Present
Golden Valley North Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price, Mr Paul Norris Locality Steward and
Linzy Outtrim Stakeholder Manager at Balfour Beatty plc. Mr John Coleman Community Governance Review (CGR) and Michelle Williams, PCSO Fiona Witcher representatives from the Police and seven further members of the public

The Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council was formally opened
by the Chairman at 7.30pm
1.0 Apologies for Absence
No apologies received
Councillor Mr M J Church not present
Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths not present

2.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
2.1 To receive any Declarations of Interest in agenda items from Councillors
No Declarations of Interest were made

2.2 To consider any written applications for dispensation
There were no written requests for dispensation

The Parish Council Resolved to change the order of business at this time to Item 4.0

4.0 Community Governance Review
Mr John Coleman Community Governance Review (CGR) and Michelle Williams gave an overview of what the Community Governance Review is and of the consultation process. Peterchurch Parish Council have requested that they increase their Parish Council by 1 further member, from 8 members to 9 members. Proposed commencement of Consultation should start on 1st February 2018. Terms of Reference will be on the Herefordshire Council Website. Advertising by Herefordshire Council and Parish Council required. Approximately 12 months to completion. If approved the new member will qualify at the next Parish Council Elections

5.0 To Receive Reports from:-
5.2 West Mercia Police
PCSO Fiona Witcher representatives from the Police reported on the following:-
They are now established in the Fire Station at Peterchurch
Still no land line as yet
Visits by appointment only
A burglary had taken place in Lower Maescoed
Other parts of the country are targeting vehicles parking on pavements
Crime Trends 1st – 31st December 2017 given to all present

5.3 Locality Steward Paul Norris to provide verbal report and discus new or outstanding issues
Mr Paul Norris Locality Steward and Linzy Outtrim updated on the following:-
1) B4348 when approaching from Hereford there is a set of amber (school patrol) warning lights which had previously been manually operated by the crossing patrol operative. As the crossing is no longer patrolled and as a consequence no one operates the warning lights, are you able to have these amber lights fitted with a timer switch?
They are manually operated but Paul will obtain costings for automatically operated sign
2) When approaching Peterchurch village centre on the B4348 the School Warning (patrol) Sign has disappeared into the hedge and is no longer visible (located opposite Princes Orchard) can you please arrange to have the obstruction removed
They are in the wrong place, wrong design/wording, wrong location but Paul will obtain costings for replacements
3) The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is non-enforceable
Paul is waiting for Herefordshire Council’s timescale (not authorised yet) + 30mph repeaters
Clerk to write to Mr Richard Ball and Mr Clive Hall again plus reference to Snow Clearance and 30mph speed limit repeater warning signs
4) The Parish Council are having difficulty in identifying riparian ownership of road side ditches, clearly having this knowledge would be step one when investigating blockages. Can BBLP provide maps showing this information for either side of the B4348 between the Parish Boundaries, The C1195 from the Parish Boundary to Crossways, C1209 from Crossways again to the boundary and the C1207 from Fairfield School to the Parish Boundary with Dorstone. This information would enable us (The Parish Council) to react quickly when an issues relating to blocked ditches if we were clear about ownership.
Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty Living Places Highway Maps not up to date and unavailable to the Parish Council. If details are required the Parish Council will have to apply to the Land Registry for information reference ditch ownership.
Long Lane drainage Old Tay done
River discharge issues – OK
Old Tay Road – Prospect – reported 400m – 9 defects – urgent no drainage, no grips
Parish Council Lengthsman/Contractor to cut grips
Ewan Barn – Dorstone
Blocked drain Stockley Hill – complete
Grit Bins to be topped up – covered in the Weekly Briefings
Member stated that the U75414 is like Beirut
“Self Help Gritting Scheme” is running again but only loose grit/salt available
5) The PRoW (difficult to identify either PR17 or PR18) which commences next to the Police Building and then through the cemetery has historically been accessed through a kissing gate. Clearly this metal gate has suffered considerable damage over the years, residents consider this gate to be of heritage interest and do-not wish to have it replaced with a bright new shiny gate. Is there any possibility of BBLP repairing the gate in situ?
See Item 8.3

Question asked by a member
Letter explaining concerns Balfour Beatty Living Places Asset Management Team Mr Richard Perkins Thorn Rotherwas

5.1 Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price
Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price gave an overview of the following emailed report
“Golden Valley North Report – January 2018
Herefordshire Council hosted a visit for Sir John Peace, chairman of both Midlands Engine and Midlands connect on Tuesday 9th January. As chairman of the Midlands Engine his portfolio covers from the welsh borders to East Anglia, and amongst many roles, the economic growth of the west and East midlands is a major part of his work.
His visit started with a presentation on the Enterprise Zone at Skylon park, followed by an update on the university project and the implications of both on the wider infrastructure in and around Herefordshire. He also visited the Old market, the city link road, the sites for the south wye and Hereford bypass, the new livestock market and viewed the cathedral and the river wye.
Discussions on the potential for our market towns and rural development for agri food and drinks, tourism as well as the great heritage of the county were all part of the visit.
With much talk across the midlands about HS2, how this will benefit Herefordshire and the rural outposts of the region and connectivity into Wales has always been a concern. Upgrading the rail and road network and the prospect of very fast broadband speeds was uppermost in his discussions.
The view that Herefordshire can play a large part in digital engineering and becoming part of the security triangle of the west of the region was played out in his thinking.
Clearly he could see a future for the Cyber security centre and the 3 acres set aside for growth of that sector that has funding and supported by Wolverhampton University at Rotherwas.
He emphasised the need for a good hotel and conference centre especially if the University takes off with a 46 week syllabus. (Parents will be visiting rather than students going home)
He was particularly interested in the Councils capital investment program and the appointment of our development partner, he was under no illusion that with growth for more business – especially the supply chain, more housing and our military demand, all could falter without major investment in the road infrastructure to support and maintain the momentum that is currently taking place.
The Hereford bypass and the benefits of cycling, walking and better public service facilities and maintaining the environment and dealing with air quality came over as a joined up process that he supported.
He spent all morning with us and met with the Chairman of the Marches LEP in the afternoon. All in all his visit was positive and supportive of the growth plans for the county.
Hereford Transport Plan Cabinet on Thursday 18th Jan will consider moving forward to consultation on the bypass. The short list of options are down to 7 routes within the corridor as per the Core Strategy and the recommendation is to start the consultation on these routes in early February with the intention to choose a preferred route to go forward for a full business case and planning later in the year.
Setting Council tax Cabinet met on Friday 12th Jan and the main agenda item was recommending the setting of council tax for 2018/19 to go to full council later in the month.
Setting a budget following a long period of austerity is difficult.
The council operates three directorates that provide most of the services. Over recent years the Adults wellbeing and Children wellbeing directorates have been under serious pressure for savings and increasing demand. That has forced a reduction in the budget for Economic communities and corporate directorate (ECC) that provides for libraries, leisure ,road maintenance, rubbish collection, etc, and the things we all demand.
The current base budget for all the 3 directorates is £117,136,000
The forecast budget for next year is £117,292,000, a small increase.
Within these figures is an additional cost demand of £11,645,000 which necessitates savings of £11,489,000.
To make these figures add up the Council tax will have to rise. The recommendations are for an increase of 4.9 %. This is made up of 1.9% on base rate plus an additional amount of 1% this year as approved by government in December plus a 2% increase for adult social care, ring fenced for one year and not added to the base.
The council can put up the adult care element by 6% over a three year period, none of which stays in the base the following year. 18/19 is the middle of these 3 years
An increase of council tax by 4.9% will be challenging for us all.
Sincerely Cllr Philip Price Cabinet member Infrastructure Golden Valley north ward member”

The Parish Council Resumed the correct order of business at this time to Item 3.0

3.0 Minutes
The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting No PPC/MW/115 held on
Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 7.00pm were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4.0 Community Governance Review
See after Item 2.0

5.0 To Receive Reports from:-
5.1 Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price
See after Item 2.0

5.2 West Mercia Police
See after Item 2.0

5.3 Locality Steward Paul Norris to provide verbal report and discus new or outstanding issues
See after Item 2.0

5.4 Expression of interest for Lengthsman Scheme 2018-2019
The Parish Council resolved to submit the Expression of Interest Form for the Lengthsman Scheme
2018-2019 with all available information

5.5 Update from Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths
Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths not present but emailed report given to all
“Report Peterchurch Parish Council Roads
Since our last maintenance day visit in October 12017 no further visits have been requested.
The regular inspections which take place even if no maintenance visits are approved has recorded that the functions of the lined drainage systems are deteriorating due to the grids becoming covered with debris and preventing surface water from draining through.
In the residential areas this issue is not so prevalent mainly because these areas are not subject to vegetation debris and soil from verges damaged by passing traffic.
In the open country areas, the grips in many cases are no longer effective due to the roadside ditches becoming silted up above the level of the road.
Where we find this problem, the grips are not maintained as they will not serve any useful purpose.
We no longer deal with ditch clearing as part of our scope of works unless specifically requested to do so be the Parish Council.
Our maintenance is confined to clearing the ditch headwalls and jetting entrance culverts and clearing fallen tree debris if appropriate.
Play Area No winter maintenance work has been requested.
Recreation Area No winter maintenance work has been requested.
General Work No general maintenance and repair work has been requested.
P3 This account has been closed as the Parish Council are no longer participating in the grant aided scheme.
General Do the Parish Council intend to forward an expression of interest reply to BBLP reference an ongoing parish funded Lengthsman scheme for next year.
If so is the Parish Council of a mind to appoint us as your Lengthsman Contractor”

Copies of the “Made” Peterchurch Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011-2031
given to all members, it now being a Legal Document

6.0 Public Question Time
Designated maximum period of 10 minutes for public questions to the Parish Council
No matters raised

7.0 Financial Report
7.1 To receive confirmation of receipts

7.2 To approve invoices for payment

7.3 To receive bank balance confirmation and account reconciliation

The Parish Council resolved for the Finance Working Group to meet on the 19th January 2018 to address these Items

8.0 Peterchurch Highway & Footway Issues Update
8.1 Vehicle Activated Signage Progress of VAS unit installation
The Parish Council Chairman thanked all involved for their help and assistance in erecting the
VAS Units. Resolved for the Activation level to be reduced – Chairman to action investigate

8.2 Parish Council’s Street Lights To receive update on Street Lamp Adoption
Mr Clive Hall and the Clerk had met reference hand over of Street Lights.
The Finance Working Group would now met to discuss contents of letter to be sent to Herefordshire Council

8.3 Kissing Gate (adjacent to Police Station) To consider action required
Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe to obtain quotation
Side fence/rails required
Agenda Item for the next full Parish Council meeting

9.0 Peterchurch War Memorial
Clerk to provide update with regards to renovation Grant Application
The pre-application had been submitted for 75% of the total cost of refurbishment and further
information had been submitted by the Clerk, Stage 2 completed. Reply awaited
Agenda Item for the next full Parish Council meeting

10.0 For Information Only Sheet
Sheet to include update on previous action points and a list of correspondence received
Planning Information
11th July 2017 Application No 172543
Land to the south of Closure Place, Peterchurch Hereford
Site for residential development and associated works
Application Type Outline
Still Valid
11th September 2017 Application No 173287
Land adjoining Hawthorn Rise, Peterchurch Hereford
Site for proposed erection of 10 dwellings
Construction of new vehicular access and associated works
Application Type Outline
Planning Permission Refused 18th December 2017
7th November 2017 Application No 174039
Wellbrook Manor Peterchurch
Proposed construction of a natural stone wall on the northern access splay and
extension of picket fence on the southern splay, two stone piers and timber double gates
Application Type Full Householder
Planning Permission Granted 19th December 2017
7th December 2017 Application No 174392
Track leading to West Lawn Cottage Dorstone Hereford HR3 6BL
Improvements to existing road leading to West Lawn Cottage
Application Type Planning Permission
Still Valid
Correspondence Received Information Update
15th December 2017 DM Payroll Services Ltd
General Data Protection Regulations

22nd July 2017 Letter sent to Mr Paul Rone
Reference Missing Bus Stop Flags
Reply still awaited

14th December 2017 Letter received from Mrs K Senior {forwarded to Balfour Beatty}
21st December 2017 Reply received from Balfour Beatty

17th December 2017 Letter received from Miss S Newland
31st December 2017 Reply sent by Parish Clerk

20th December 2017 Report a pothole – Pothole B4348 opposite Poston Mill

20th December 2017 Report road defects – Road surface top Long Lane turn left

20th December 2017 Report road signage defects – School sign opposite Princess Orchard

20th December 2017 Report pavement needing repair – Hawthorn Rise to School footway surface repair

Peterchurch Play Area Weekly Inspection Report from Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe dated
4th January 2018
No comments

Peterchurch Play Area Weekly Inspection Report from Councillor Ms S Murrin Vice – Chairman dated 11th January 2018
Very tidy – little rubbish

Peterchurch Play Area Weekly Inspection Report from Councillor Mrs R A Quelch dated
16th January 2018
Quite a lot of litter including several small cardboard tubes (6) Some equipment seating had mud on due to weather conditions recently.
Very muddy at gate entrance – continuing problems with mole mounds

Defibrillator information acquired by the Clerk for submission to West Midlands Ambulance Service but the “Pads” required replacing, due to them being out of date. Ambulance Service only pay after pads have been used in an emergency. Peterchurch Day Care Centre at The Village Hall may provide the £30.00 + VAT £15.00 towards new pads.
Agenda Item for the next full Parish Council meeting

11.0 Matters Relayed to the Clerk for Agenda of the next meeting
Kissing Gate
War Memorial
Defibrillator – payment for new pads

12.0 Confirmation of the Next Meeting Date, Time and Venue
The next meeting will be the Ordinary Parish Meeting and is to be held on Tuesday 20th February 2018 in the Peterchurch Village Hall and is to commence at 7.00pm
NB Finance Working Group Meeting (if required) to be held on Friday 16th February 2018 at 7.00pm
in the Peterchurch Village Hall

Meeting declared closed at 9.30 pm