Minutes 15th March 2016

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of Peterchurch Parish Council
held at The Peterchurch Village Centre on Tuesday 15th March 2016

No PPC/MW/096
Councillors Present
Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman
Councillor Mr M J Church Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr R Gaze
Councillor Mr L R Metcalfe
Councillor Mr D Morgan
Councillor Ms S Murrin
Councillor Mrs R A Quelch
Councillor Mr B C Treanor

Clerk Mr M Walker

Also Present
Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price, PCSO Lucy Morris from the Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team, Parish Councillor Mr Peter Jinman from Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council and five further members of the public

Prior to the start of the meeting Mr Lionel Robert Metcalfe having been duly elected on the 25th February 2016 signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office as a Councillor Form and received information sheets including Code of Conduct and The Good Councillor’s Guide 4th Edition

The Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council was formally opened
by the Chairman at 7.00pm
1.0 Apologies for Absence
No apologies received as all Parish Councillors were present
Lengthsman Mr. Terry Griffiths sent apologies

2.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
2.1 To receive any declarations of interest in agenda items from Councillors
No Declarations of interest were received

2.2 To consider any written applications for dispensation
There were no written requests for dispensation

3.0 Minutes
The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting No PPC/MW/095 held on Tuesday 16th February 2016 at 7.00pm were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

The Parish Council resolved to change the order of business at this time to Item 5.2

5.0 To Receive Reports from:-
5.2 West Mercia Police
PCSO Lucy Morris reported that speed checks, with a data collection box, would be taking place through the village in Peterchurch along the B4348
Retail units within the area had been burgled with tools etc. being stolen
Apart from that all seemed quiet
Safer Roads Partnership to be invited to the next Parish Council meeting

4.0 Wellbeing Centre “Kemble Centre” Ewyas Harold
To receive information about the proposed Kemble Centre from Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council

Parish Councillor Mr Peter Jinman from Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council gave an overview
of the project for a Health and Wellbeing Centre “Kemble Centre” in Ewyas Harold, the former
Roman Catholic Church.
A current feasibility study was being undertaken. The Parish Council agreed that it would be better to be involved than not and contact should be maintained through the Clerk.
He then read a questionnaire which the Parish Council gave their responses to.

5.1 Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price
Mr Philip Price reported on the following:-
Council Tax had been set for 2016-2017. An average Band “D” property would pay
approximately £1,640.0 per year
Planning performance – new open spaces but who would look after them
Possibly May or June Weston under Penyard Neighbourhood Development Plan would be the first to be finished. Plans at Consultation “16” stage would give weight to planning applications
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) consultation started. Ward members were briefed by the Herefordshire Council consultants as to the systems and assumption models that have been used to identify rates that could be charged under the CIL changes. The county has been zoned and very specific information has gone into identifying house prices and costs of building across the county.
Strategic housing
Small holdings
Syrian refugees
Museum and archive services
Nature and environment

5.3 Lengthsman’s Report
Lengthsman Mr. Terry Griffiths not present but reports sent by email
“Meeting Report
Highway Drainage Maintenance
We have completed the work requested on U75410 near the junction with the U75409.
This road culvert has had some repair work done in the past as the original stone built culvert seems to have been sealed off at the west side probably due to it collapsing under the weight of traffic passing over it.
The replacement pipe culvert which has been placed alongside was partly filled with silt which reduced the capacity in turn slowing the flow causing the build-up of debris and mud and the eventual failure of the culvert.
We were able to remove most of this silt with the jetter after we had cleared about 15m of the area of the stream in front of the headwall on the west of the road.
This part of the job required us to enter the field and as we had no knowledge of where to contact the landowner to attain permission for access we were obliged to proceed without that permission in order to get the job done.
Please accept and pass on our apologies if we caused offence or annoyance to the landowner.
As to the number of motorist we held up that day all we can say that on a narrow single carriageway with no parking areas in the near vicinity any delays caused come under the heading “it’s the way it is”.
While we were in the area we found another road culvert at Cym Farm entrance which was near to spilling water on the road and was on our list of logged defects so we carried out clearance work on this culvert as well.
Routine road maintenance.
On request we carried out maintenance work on the roadside drainage system on the B4348 north of Peterchurch which we found (with difficulty) in a sadly neglected condition which clearly contributed to the flooding of the road in the first place and certainly was the cause of standing water on the road long after the rains stopped.

General Work
We have sourced and ordered the materials needed for the installation of the notice board and are awaiting the availability of underground services maps before we start excavations.
We have been tasked and will shortly carry out a one off cut of the grass in the play area.
I trust that the members of the Parish Council will accept this report in my absence.
Terry Griffiths Acting Parish Lengthsman”

Specific Task Work
Peterchurch village
Carry out highway drainage maintenance to stop the road in that location being flooded and to reduce standing water hazard.

Underground Services Map for Terry
Cleared out drains on the B4348 at Wilmaston
Old Hay back road in a very poor state
Fence damaged and rubbish dumped

5.4 Update from Parish Footpaths Officer Mr. Nick Longman (if available)
Mr Nick Longman tendered his resignation as P3 Footpaths Officer with immediate effect
The Parish Council asked for a letter to be sent to Mr Longman thanking him for his work
within the parish
The Parish Council now need a P3 Contractor – Clerk to action as soon as possible

The Parish Council resumed the correct order of business at this time to Item 6.0

6.0 Public Question Time
Designated period of 10 minutes to accommodate members of the public who may wish to either raise any issues or ask the Parish Council questions
A member of the public asked about trees being planted on a local farm
A Parish Councillor replied that he would fulfil his obligations within his planning permission
Pot hole repairs questioned as to how and why decisions to repair them are made
B4348 was reported as having numerous potholes
Follow information provided by a member of the public, Ward Councillor Mr Philip Price agreed to obtain information about BBLP employees sitting in vehicles

7.0 Financial Report
7.1 Bank Balances as per Statements
@ 4th March 2016 Lloyds Treasurers Account £6,191.71
Bank reconciliation to agree with bank statement No 8 £6,191.71
@ 3rd March 2016 Lloyds Deposit Account £23,622.68

7.2 Receipts
3rd Quarter Lengthsman Grant PCC 16/01/01 BACS £2,398.70

7.3 Invoices for Payment
Terry Griffiths Contracts Lengthsman Work TGC1510 £540.00
Herefordshire Council Elections 7th May 2015 Invoice 91113024 £55.60
Nick Longman PR 41/49 £36.00
BT Payphones Kiosk at Urishay Invoice GB2626/1603/1 £360.00
Peterchurch Village Centre Invoice No 29 £20.00
Clerk’s Salary March 2016 Gross £528.80
Vehicle expenses £11.70
Postage £10.06
TAX £53.40 NIC £0.00
HMR&C 4th Quarter January February March £159.80
Kirkwells Consultant Neighbourhood Development Plan Invoice 355 £2,160.00
All payments were Unanimously approved
1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017 Parish Lengthsman Scheme Grant Funding Application
Lengthsman £5,477.00 and P3 Scheme £2,640.00 applied for and
Expression of Interest submitted

8.0 Neighbourhood Development Plan
“NDP Steering Group Meeting Peterchurch Village Centre Closure Place Peterchurch
Tuesday 8th March 7.30pm
Paul Smith Planning re Proposed 89 houses adjacent to Hawthorn Rise
To approve amendments to NDP following consultation
Linda Lewis, Malcolm Walker, Maurice Church
Brendan Treanor (Chairman) Paul Clarke (Clerk)
Anna Coda, Helen buttery, Sal Gaze, Sarah Murrin, Dave Williams
Philip Price (Ward Councillor), Kevin Bishop (Development Manager, Planning)
Paul Smith (Developers Agent)
Planning Application 89 Houses 132707
Paul Smith was invited to address the steering, he commenced by expressing his concern that the NDP did not fully define the use of the recreational open space of 1.2 hectares, he needed clarity to establish the final layout.
Basically did we require one full sized football pitch or two smaller pitches, the group confirmed that they thought one full sized pitch was required at 116yds x 76yds as defined by the Football Association, we requested:-
• That the use was placed on the agenda of the next Parish Council Meeting.
• That Paul Smith produces a drawing to show the football pitch in location ready for our next Parish Council meeting.
• That Malcolm Walker finds the appropriate details from the NDP consultation to confirm the requirement.
Once the Parish Council had agreed the option that would be confirmed to Paul Smith and the NDP would be adjusted to clearly define the use of the Recreational Open Space which would include changing rooms and parking.
It was revealed that Western Power had requested an easement to cross the area with heavy traffic and a compound next to their substation. This could impact the play area and needs to be defined by Paul Smith with in his Proposed Drawing submission.
The Development is subject to a major requirement regarding drainage causing a financing issue and is subject to negotiation, detail planning will not be sought but the development will be sold on to another developer with Outline permission as is.
Kevin Bishop confirmed that:-
• the NDP must state full sized football pitch and 1.2 hectares.
• That Outline planning will not be granted until the section 106 was signed.
• Until the NDP gets to regulation 16 it will not carry weight with the planning department.
• Changing rooms should not be an issue regarding planning.
• Consideration needs to be given to how a new developer would support the road easement for Western Power, regarding location and we need to obtain dual use now to ensure that we can access the play area and possible parking. The easement must pass over the housing development to an adopted highway or B4348.
• The recreation space is not included in the planning application.
As the Recreational land is not attached to the planning application for the main development the Parish Council need to set up its acquisition group / management company to work directly with Peter Smith.
Funding needs to be discussed, several options were offered – the Sport foundation – Sport England – Section 106 contribution. What do we need to fund and what could we expect the main developer to help with (building changing rooms ready for fitting out) how can we fund raise and support future maintenance?
Mr Bishop, and Mr Smith left at this point and were thanked for their input by Mr Treanor
Neighbourhood Development Plan
Consideration of 6 main issues raised by Kirkwells
1. Do you want to map protected open spaces? HC seem to like the idea.
• New recreational Space
• Existing children’s play area
• Existing Recreation field
• Hinton Green
2. The “hub site” has this been discussed with service providers and do you have a preferred site or sites?
• Not discussed with all service providers
• Peterchurch Village Hall
• St Peters Centre
3. Can you identify the non-designated heritage assets you would like to protect i.e. not listed buildings? Again HC like this.
• Alms Houses
• St Peters Well
• Spring Outlet opposite Hinton Hall
• Royal Observer Corp site and structures at the top of Stockley Hill
• Plough in Long Lane was a public house
4. P8/1 do you want to delete this site based on what Environmental Health have said about the smokestack?
• No leave as is
5. P6/1 – are you happy with this as a location for the car park?
• Leave as is but consideration will always be given to alternative options
6. Do you want to delete the last section of P1? One part of HC does not like this.
• Remove from h. Beyond the indicative 12% growth target for the golden valley housing market area; and
Draft plan – consultation responses.
All Parish Council comments and Amendments to NP are agreed subject to any notes below:-
Hereford County:-
• Do you want to identify on map yes as 1 above.
• All other items are dealt with in 1-6 above or we are happy with Kirkwells submission.
Response from others
• 20 Fairfield School should have some comment such as traffic issue?
Having reviewed both documents no major issues were identified but it was requested that the revised plan is returned to the group for proof reading.
Following the review Mr Williams thanked the group for their efforts as volunteers to go through such an onerous exercise and read some of the unpleasant comments.
Prepared by P. J. Clarke”

Councillor Mr B. C. Treanor (Steering Group Chairman) gave an overview to date of a meeting held Tuesday 8th March 2016
Point 20 Fairfield School element not responded
Receive a copy of draft plan back to the Steering Group before Consultation 16
Agreed the field as is and could be used as a full size football or rugby pitch
Also would be suitable for the Air Ambulance to use to land on
Modifications to the Neighbourhood Development Plan unanimously agreed by the Parish

9.0 Role of the Dark Skies Officer
Corin’s email read out by the Chairman
Corin to have dates of meetings with reports through the Clerk and Parish Council
Councillor Mr B. C. Treanor Proposed a motion to maintain the officer which was Seconded by Councillor Mr P J Clarke Chairman
The motion was defeated with 4 votes against and 3 in favour with 1Abstention
Letter of thanks to be sent to Corin for all her efforts and reports

10.0 Lengthsman(s) Appointment
Due to Mr Nick Longman tendering his resignation as P3 Footpaths Officer with immediate effect,
the Parish Council were no further forward and resolved to include the P3 Scheme (Contract No 3)
with Contract No 1 Highways
Letters to be sent to applicants with new updated contracts
Terry Griffiths Contracts to continue as Lengthsman for the foreseeable future
Lengthsman Working Group meeting to be arranged for next week
Agenda item for the next full Parish Council meeting

11.0 Roads, Street Lighting, Footpaths & Playground
11.1 Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) update
The Parish Council resolved to put SIDs on hold at the moment and wait for the results of the
Traffic Survey

11.2 Mobile Telephone Signal to agree action required
No action at this time

11.3 To consider letter from a Resident regarding condition of Chapel Lane
Balfour Beatty Map showing Litter/Dog Bins given to all
No action at this present time

Playground Report 05/01/2016 received from Councillor Mr. P. J. Clarke Chairman
Playground Report 01/02/2016 received from Councillor Mr. P. J. Clarke Chairman
Playground Report 03/03/2016 received from Councillor Mr. P. J. Clarke Chairman
Playground Report 05/03/2016 received from Councillor Ms. S. Murrin

12.0 Planning Application for Consideration *
12.1 * Planning Application 160364 Land at 13 Crossways, Peterchurch, Herefordshire HR2 0TG
Proposed erection of dwelling Planning Permission
“Resolved:- Unanimously Not to Support the Application
For the following reasons
The applicants Design and Access Statement states that the existing boundary treatment will remain, however, the hedges have already been grubbed out by the applicant.
The proposed scale and size of the property would be extremely overpowering and most definitely not in keeping with the neighbouring properties.

The creation of an entrance onto the B 4348 at this point by the applicants admission is very close to both a bus stop and crossroads, this area is already of considerable concern, as almost the full length of the B4348 from the school to the crossroads forms part of a collection / drop off point for both of the village schools which in itself creates congestion in this area, clearly introducing a further egress point would only exasperate this issue.”

12.2 To consider verbal correspondence received reference apparent commercial use of domestic premises at Orchard Place
Fence encroaching on both neighbours properties
6 foot double gates open onto the pavement and into the road
Parking on the road
Report to Enforcement Officer Herefordshire Council – Objections

13.0 Is Herefordshire Council Fit for Purpose?
To consider recent inconsistences in the level of service from the County Council & their Contractor
Acknowledgement letter to be sent to Herefordshire Council

14.0 For Information Only Sheet
Sheet to include update on previous action points and a list of correspondence received
Planning Applications Update
11th February 2016 Appeal Ref APP/W1850/W/15/3133368
Lower Meadow Farm, Snodhill, Peterchurch/Dorstone, Herefordshire
“To site a static caravan within a large parcel of agricultural land”
Appeal Dismissed 11th February 2016

Herefordshire Council Policy for Street Naming and Numbering

Email sent 11th February 2016 to Mr Ian McCulloch declining offer of Tree Warden for Peterchurch

29th February 2016 Information from Tower Mint Limited
HM Queen Elizabeth 11 90th Birthday Commemorative Medal

4th March 2016 Dear All. Over the past week, I am pleased to report that the following works, amongst others, have been carried out in our locality:
Golden Valley North Pothole repairs on the C1195 and Long Lane, and Old Tay in Peterchurch
Gully cleansing on the C1207 in Peterchurch and Dorstone. Sign repair at Dorstone
Golden Valley South Pothole repairs on Prill Road, School Road and C1221 in Ewyas Harold, on The Vineyard Road in Rowlestone, on Monnow Farm Road & Olchon Valley Rd in Longtown, C1209 in Bacton, Ty Cradoc Shawls Rd in Craswall, C1222 at Whitfield, C1221 and C1222 at Wormbridge, C1223 at Kerry’s Gate, C1223 and C1212 at Abbeydore, and Walterstone Common Road.
Stoney Street Gully cleansing on the B4348 at Vowchurch, and B4352 at Eaton Bishop, and B4349 at Clehonger Pothole repairs on C1196 and Stone Street at Madley, Church Lane in Byford, Stone Street and C1196 in Eaton Bishop, C1097 at Bishopstone
This week I have: Continued with the enquiries from stakeholders
Carried out several NRSWA inspections
Attended a meeting with councillors Carried out a parish tour in Peterchurch
Next week I will be: Meeting with several stakeholders
Continuing with enquiries, and NRSWA inspections
Continuing with an annual U road inspection, and a quarterly C links inspection
If you have any outstanding issues in your Parish that you would like me to attend a site visit, please let me know and we can arrange a mutually convenient time.
Herefordshire Council website is the one-stop-shop for up to date information
Maps and timetables for grass cutting and pot holes are now available on the Council’s website.
Grass Cutting Potholes Public Rights of Way Best wishes Linzy Outtrim Senior Locality Steward
Golden Valley | Balfour Beatty | Services | Living Places
M: +44 (0)7791925722 | E: Linzy.Outtrim@bblivingplaces.com

11th March 2016 Dear All Over the past week, I am pleased to report that the following works, amongst others, have been carried out in our locality:
Golden Valley North PROW: 5 fingerposts replaced, and furniture delivered to a landowner and PFO.
Pothole repairs on Pont Y Weston, Park Farm Road, The Castle, Cwm Farm Road and Pitt Road at Dorstone, Closure Place, Chapel Lane, C1207, Hinton Court, Old Tay, B4348 and Lewis Way in Peterchurch, Church Road and Church Lane in Cusop
Culvert works on Pitt lane in Dorstone.
Golden Valley South PROW: delivery of furniture to P3 contractor
Grit bin refilled on the C1219 at Rowlestone,
Pothole repairs on the C1223 at Kerrys Gate, C1225 at Abbeydore, C1225 at Wormbridge, C1239 at Kentchurch, C1203 at Craswall, and Lower House Road in Rowlestone
Culverts cleansed and proved along the B4348 in Peterchurch, and on the C1205 at Longtown, and gully cleansing at Craswall.
Stoney Street PROW: repair of a handrail, fingerposts replaced, installation of a new kissing gate, and a pedestrian gate. Deliver of furniture to a landowner.
Pothole repairs on Stone Street in Madley, C1196 at Eaton Bishop, C1097 at Bishopstone, C1097 at Byford, Ruckhall Common Road,
Removal of mud/spoil from a footway on the A438 at Swainshill
Gully cleansing along the A438 at Byford
This week I have: Had meetings with several stakeholders & clerks
Continuing with enquiries, and NRSWA inspections
Provided emergency cover for a colleague in Ledbury
Attended a site meeting with the jetter crew to investigate a drainage issue in Craswall
I’ve raised 8 cat 1 emergency jobs; all of which were made safe within 24 hours
Next week I will be: Attending 2 parish council meetings in the evenings
Completing my statutory A/B and priority C/U road inspections
Attending several site visits with stakeholders
Conducting a parish tour in Madley Best wishes Linzy

March 2016 Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)
Briefing 24th February – 9th March 2016 for full information see peach information sheet

Lewis Way Street Light, owners Herefordshire Housing, still out
Another letter needed

15.0 Matters Relayed to the Clerk for Agenda of the Next Meeting
Safer Road Partnership
Notice Board Siting
Lengthsman(s) Appointment
Hedge planted on Back Road in front of hedge Hinton Forge Cottage
Roles for Councillors
Financial Working Group
Lengthsman & P3 Working Group
Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group
Planning Working Group
Playground Working Group
Traffic Management Working Group

16.0 Confirmation of the Next Meeting Date, Time and Venue
The next meeting will be an Ordinary Parish Council Meeting and is to be held on Tuesday 19th April 2016 in the Peterchurch Village Hall and is to commence at 7.00pm

Meeting declared closed at 9.45 pm