Agenda = 21st May 2019

You are summoned to the Statutory Annual Meeting of the Parish Council to be held in
Peterchurch Village Hall on Tuesday 21st May 2019
Parish Council Meeting to commence at 19.00hrs and to be concluded by 21.00hrs

1. Election of Chairman

2. Election of Vice Chairman (Optional)

3. Election of Councillors to Working Groups

4. To receive apologies for absence

5. To receive declarations of interest and written dispensation requests

6. To consider minutes of previous meeting ….16th April 2019

7. Open Session

4.1 To receive a report from West Mercia Police.
4.2 To receive a brief verbal report from Ward Councillor Jenny Hewitt.
4.3 To receive a report from the Lengthsman.
4.4 To receive views of local residents on parish matters.

8. Planning – To comment on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council
8.1 – Planning Consultation 191315 – Greenshadows, 1 Fine Street, Peterchurch – Alterations to existing dwelling and erection of a two-storey extension

8.2 – Planning Consultation 191301 – Land adjacent to 1 Wellbrookside, Peterchurch – Proposed erection of 2 no 2 bedroom houses with parking
8.3 – Planning Consultation 191208 – Wellbrook Farm House, Peterchurch – Use of the Coach House as ancillary accommodation for Wellbrook Farm House.

9. Finance
6.1 To note current bank balance
6.2 To consider outstanding payments within budget allocation.
6.3 To consider outstanding invoices from Terry Griffiths
6.4 Update on Internal Audit & AGAR process

10. Highways – To consider any current issues.

11. Locality Steward Issues – To consider any current issues

12. Traffic Related Issues in the Village – To receive an update on current issues

13. Abandoned Car in Hinton – To provide an update on current situation.

14. Issues at Closure Place – To provide an update following a subsequent meeting with Herefordshire Housing.

15. Parish Council Elections 2019 – Register of Interests, Election Expenses and co-option of councillors

16. Footpaths – To receive update on any current issues.,

17. Playing Field – To receive update on any current issues.

18. Failed Streetlights – Update on current situation.

19. Parish Council Land Deeds – Update on current situation.

20. Clerk Correspondence

21. To note information items

22. To raise matters for the next meeting on 18th June 2019

SIGNED: Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk) DATE: May 2019

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