Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting PPC/MH/131 held on
Tuesday 19th March 2019 at 19.00 hrs in the Village Hall

Councillors Paul Clarke (Chairman), Sarah Murrin, Richard Gaze, Maurice Church, Robert Metcalfe, Brendan Treanor, David Morgan and Rosemary Quelch.

In attendance…. PC Peter Knight, Rev. Simon Lockett and four members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence – None – all Councillors were present.

2. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

2.1 No declarations were submitted.
3. Minutes of previous meeting … 19th February 2019.
3.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record. The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

4. Open session
4.1 Traffic Related Issues in the Village – The Chairman thanked Rev Simon Lockett for representing the Hub at the meeting and would welcome his input towards resolving the demand for car parking in the village. Several options were explored including relocating the play equipment elsewhere in the playground with a view to freeing up additional car park spaces. It was RESOLVED that this issue would be included on the agenda for subsequent meetings.
4.2 West Mercia Police…PC Knight included the following in his report:
4.2.1 There had been little criminal activity in the previous month apart from the theft of a quad bike in February 2019. The police are available to undertake property marking free of charge which does act as a deterrent.
4.2.2 Discarded nitrous oxide cylinders had been found in Eaton Bishop. Residents coming across any cylinders should contact the police.
4.2.3 National Seatbelt Campaign is taking place between 11-24th March 2019.
4.2.4 The police are available to offer advice on shed security including the marking of garden equipment.
4.2.5 A free home safety check for residents aged 70 and over is available from the Fire Service.
4.2.6 Councillor Sarah Murrin raised concerns about the presence of individuals in and around the playground who appeared intoxicated. PC Knight advised that such concerns should be reported to the police. On a broader note, any evidence of people imbibing alcohol in the playground on a regular basis should be reported to Herefordshire Council.

4.3 Ward Councillor Philip Price – delivered a brief report which included information on:
4.3.1 The Council Tax for 2019/20 has been set with Band A, B & H properties in Peterchurch liable for annual charges of £1248, £1872 and £3745 respectively.
4.3.2 Updates on the South Wye link road, Skylon Park Enterprise Zone, Fastershire, and the Council’s commitment to accelerating its reduction of carbon emissions.

4.4 Lengthsman Report – The Chairman reported that Countrywide Grounds Maintenance had commenced grass cutting. Documentary proof of insurance is still awaited from the lengthsman but it was RESOLVED that once received he will be asked to clean off the culvert gratings in Hinton.

4.5 Local Residents’ Issues – No issues were raised.

5. Station Meadow Logistical Support – On condition that spreaders were used to avoid damage to the car park and any such damage would be rectified by the owner of Station Meadow the Parish Council had no objection to the proposal to install a storage container via the car park.

6. Planning…
6.1 Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
6.1.1 Application – 190203 – Land at Long Lane, Hereford, HR2 0TE – Proposed single dwelling house of “exceptional quality”. The Chairman highlighted the quality of the responses to planning applications and considered the input from the Parish Council suffered in comparison. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would prepare guidance to assist councillors in responding to future planning applications.
6.1.2 Application – 190711 – Peterchurch Fire Station – Duo pitch steel storage building with roller shutter door. Following discussion,the Parish Council decided to offer no objection to the planning application and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would respond to Hereford Council accordingly.
7. Finance…
7.1 The bank balances as at 1st March 2019:
7.1.1 Business Bank Instant account … £29,117.16
7.1.2 Treasurers Account … £3,808.25
7.2 It was RESOLVED to make payments on the submitted schedule.

8. Highways …
8.1 Traffic Regulation Order. The Chairman updated Councillors on communication from the police which indicated that enforcement of the TRO is dependent on completing some admin tasks which may include collecting updated speed data. Councillors were dismayed at the continued delays.
8.2 Road Repairs at Hinton – It was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to the Locality Steward to acknowledge and thank him for the high standard of the repairs undertaken on the road at Hinton. Councillor Richard Gaze highlighted continuing problems with the drains on Stockley Hill adjacent to Wellbrook Manor. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would report the issue to the Locality Steward.
8.3 Failed Street Lights – Councillor Robert Metcalf reported that some of the failed street lights have still not been repaired. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would seek a further update from Hereford Council.

9. Issues at Closure Place – Councillor Murrin reported that Marches Housing Association owns and had visited the property at 4 Closure Place. Following the visit, the residents have removed the rubbish from the front garden. Other issues connected with Closure Place would be the subject of discussions with Herefordshire Housing (Post meeting note – representatives from Herefordshire Housing will meet Councillors SarahMurrin and Brendan Treanor on 27th March 2019 to discuss these issues).

10. Parish Council Elections – The clerk reported that the response to the leaflet drop advertising the Parish Council elections had been disappointing.

11. Annual Parish Council – It was RESOLVED that the Parish Meeting will take place on the 16th April and will precede the Parish Council meeting to be held on the same day.

12. Support for Peterchurch Fire Station – The Chairman reported to Councillors that the Peterchurch Fire Station had written seeking the support of the Parish Council in their bid to increase the number of on-call firefighters. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to the Station Commander that the Parish Council would be pleased to assist but suggested that the proposed evening be postponed until after the council elections in May 2019.

13. Car Outside Hinton – It was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to the resident who owns the vehicle to remind him that it needs to be removed by no later than mid- April 2019. If this does not happen further action will be taken.

14. Parish Council Land Deeds – It was RESOLVED that the clerk would write to local solicitors to establish the cost of storing the Parish Council land deeds.

15. Residents Spotlights – It was RESOLVED that an article would be included in the next edition of the Parish Newsletter reminding residents that they should be mindful of motorists when they position their spotlights.

16. Matters raised for the next meeting on Tuesday 16th April 2019 – None

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.18 hrs

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